Oki-Toki news digest for March-April 2021

Read about all the updates and new Oki-Toki tools for March-April 2021!

Oki-Toki news digest for March-April 2021

Now Ukrainian!

Okі-Tokі interface translated into Ukrainian! You can change the language at the authorization menu .

Change the language

Moving lists from the old CRM

We have removed the lists from the old CRM, there is no need for them now, since you can use the usual emergency lists as them .

Project resources

Import the conversation script directly from gdocs & msword!

If you have a very large conversation script script or you prefer to work with text in docs format to write scripts, then we have good news for you, we have launched the ability to import a conversation script in google docs format. It is enough to create a script in Oki-Toki and select the “import ” option, then select a pre-prepared document with markup conditions – The markup rules were written in detail here Wait for the verification to finish and the document to load into the chat script interface.

Quick Webhooks

Events can now be created in a couple of clicks! This is currently available in the Disciplinary Limits settings , as well as in the agent statuses settings . clicking on the button will automatically substitute all the necessary parameters to catch the status or violation. This is just the beginning, we will continue to develop this direction.

Quick WebhooksQuick Webhooks

Try the new Disciplinary Reports in Beta!

A couple of months ago, we launched a new operator quality assessment tool. Then the tool could count the number of calls and their duration, but more recently we have combined the tool with a transcript, which allowed the system to find and record parasite words in the report. The new metric is called “SA: Word Occurrence Analysis in Transcript”. It will help in the fight for the clear speech of your CC operators. The metric is already working , but we recommend trying it out =)

KPI logs

Widget: PD task management from the operating location

If you do not use Oki-Toki scripts or use an external questionnaire, but at the same time you need the ability to manage the task in our interface, the new function will allow you to do this. After making a call in the office, a button will appear in the call control panel , allowing you to:

  • Reschedule task (set chime)
  • Confirm task success
  • Change contact number
  • Flag a contact with communication problems or invalid number

Also, it contains additional information about the task, such as the history of attempts.

Speech analytics update

We stopped monetizing transcripts, making them free. Moreover, we focused on making the transcript not just an independent option, but a tool for automatic speech analytics of the operator. Here’s what came out of it:

  • Analysis and interpretation of records is available to the operator side.
  • Create your own rules, dictionaries of tracked words, connect to projects and track violations, sales and other important trigger words in real time.
  • Combine with a tool for the QA department to speed up the verification of calls – calls will have tags!
  • Need to monitor only certain calls? – We crossed the rules with hashtags and now you can also filter by the rules, as by hashtags from CRM.
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