Oki-Toki News Digest for March 2020

Oki-Toki News for March 2020: Manual Cloud Unloading, First Phase of Stenogram Implementation, and More. Read On!

Oki-Toki News Digest for March 2020

Manual upload to the cloud


Now you can choose which audio recordings you want to export to an external drive. Added the premium feature "Export audio to external drive" to the export options in the call log. Filter important entries with an arsenal of options and export in one of two ways.




AMO in the market


We have developed full integration with AMO CRM. At the moment, the functions of a direct call from AMO are available, the call history is stored in the client card, it is possible to assign a call from a contact or deal, automatic opening of the contact card for all types of calls has been added. Dialer is also integrated into AMO lists, which means that mass operations with contacts in AMO are available. We'd love to hear your ideas on how to expand this integration.


New section of integrations


We've moved external storage management to the new \"External Resources\" section. In addition to the storage, in this section you can create an integration with AMO CRM (wait for an article on integration this month) and connect Intertelecom telephony (for customers operating in Ukraine). In the future, we will increase the range of integrations with various platforms, expect news!


First stage of transcript implementation


Added \"Get transcript\" button in the call log. As a result, you will receive a transcript of the conversation on a separate call. We look forward to feedback and suggestions for expanding the functionality!


Integration with provider Intertelecom


Integration with Intertelecom has reached a new level. Connection has become more convenient and faster. Setting up an incoming line, outgoing, control, all this has become available from one place! You can use the new method of connecting a number from Intertelecom in the Integrations – External Resources section.


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