Oki-Toki news digest for October-November 2020

Over the past two months, there has been a major update of integrations, ticketing system, and individual tools for call centers. Read more in the digest!

Oki-Toki news digest for October-November 2020

Big update of integrations

Six months ago, an integration tool External resources appeared, the elements of which combine both a mechanism and template settings. This tool makes it very easy to connect other services to Oki-Toki, now you can use it to connect SMS providers, cloud storages and connect external CRM systems. Today we will transfer control of the Web-hook tool to external resources. We hope this will pass unnoticed and development will not create inconvenience.

Ticket system update

The latest updates to the ticket system are mainly aimed at improving the KPI of Oki-Toki's technical support. namely:

  • Automatic distribution of tickets to responsible;
  • Automatic distribution of “forgotten tickets” to the acting ones until the responsible one appears;
  • Implemented tools for monitoring technical support SL. Data under management control. Reactions to messages, ticket evaluations, forgotten tickets are monitored.

Use conferences, screencasts and screenshots in the ticket system!

Firstly, Skype is no longer needed for screen sharing, and secondly, a screen sharing recording will be available via the link! Well, screenshots without additional programs – all this is very convenient and useful.

  • Conference in tickets

the conference

  • Screenshot from the ticket interface


Update tool “Reports”

  • Many edits on metrics and report text
  • Updated report management UI and date management
  • Updated “Inbox section”. Added KPI metrics for queue efficiency.
  • New section: “Additional Features” that talks about the additional functions of the operator (hold, conference, hold) with statistics and tops
  • New section: “Agent Shifts” showing the first and last agent status for the period, data on their employment, efficiency and more.


  • New section: “Dialer performance” provides statistical information on selected dialers: task dynamics, attempts efficiency, dialer status statistics, as well as a number of “Top” by directions, call duration, number of attempts for one task, etc.
  • Added value history. Shows the history of value changes and differences (absolute and relative).


Call control update in Call Scripts

Moved management of forgotten hold and failed forwarding inside the call script. Technically, it will not affect the work in any way, but it brought a little order. It is impossible to save the script without setting these settings, which may seem superfluous for clients using autoinformer, but it will save new or insufficiently attentive clients from unpleasant situations 🙂 Update

Clarification on the reasons for an unsuccessful call to the operator

We have added notifications for unsuccessful connections between the operator and the client, related to problems with the quality of the network connection between the operator and the server. Such cases are marked with a special clarification in the Call Log. Clarification

SMS in the new interface

Another transfer from the old interface to the new one is the connection of the SMS gateway. It is located in the "Integration" menu, "External Resources" section https://prnt.sc/vvt6vv .

New CRM questionnaires (closed alpha)

We are gradually approaching the release of the client profile in the new interface! At the moment, final tests and debugging of the interface, its functional and visual content are actively going on in the dungeons of Oki-Toki. At your request, you can access the BETA version of the questionnaires and evaluate the updated client interaction tool. Following the questionnaire, we will transfer the rest of the CRM sections and the history of the “green” interface will be completed. Our team is looking forward to it!

New sorting condition in the call log

A simple but convenient feature for the “Call Log” report is sorting “From new to old”. Too bad they didn't do it earlier. A simple toggle in the call filter will display log entries from newest to oldest. New

VIP call tab in the call log

This is an add-on at the request of customers who could not find the VIP call that interrupted the operator's previous conversation. Now, in the “interrupted” call, a tab appears with information about the VIP client who provoked the “VIP announcement” function. Tab

Updated call filter

Improved the old tool for hiding “undesirable” calls from the report automatically on a certain basis. Read more about it in this article.

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