Oki-Toki News Digest for October-November 2020

Over the past two months, there has been a major update of integrations, ticketing system, and individual tools for call centers. Read more in the digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for October-November 2020

Major Integration Updates

Half a year ago, an integration tool named “External resources” emerged, combining both a mechanism and template settings. This tool simplifies the connection of other services to Oki-Toki, as it now enables the connection of SMS providers, cloud storage, and integration of external CRM systems.

Today, we are going to transfer the management of the Web-hook tool to external resources. We hope this change will be seamless and won’t create any inconvenience.

Ticket System Update

The latest ticket system updates are mostly aimed at improving the KPIs of Oki-Toki technical support, namely:

  • Automatic ticket distribution to agents;
  • Automatic allocation of “forgotten tickets” to stand-in agents until a responsible one is available;
  • Implementation of tools for SL tech support monitoring. Data is under the management’s control. Reactions to messages, ticket ratings, and forgotten tickets are being monitored.

Use conferences, screencasts, and screenshots in the ticket system!

Firstly, Skype is no longer required for screen sharing, secondly, the screen demonstration record will be accessible via a link! Screenshots without additional software – all this is very convenient and beneficial.

  • Conference in tickets

Conference in Oki-Toki tickets

  • Screenshot of the interface for ticket

Screenshot of the interface for ticket

Updating the ‘Reports’ Tool

  • Numerous corrections to metrics and report scripts
  • Updated User Interface(UI) for managing reports and date control
  • Updated “Inbound Section”. Added KPI metrics for queue efficiency.
  • New section: “Additional Functions”, talking about agent’s additional functions (holding, conference, holding) with statistics and tops
  • New section: “Agent’s Shifts”, displaying the agent’s initial and last status for the period, data about their occupancy, efficiency, and more.

agent shift display in Oki-Toki

  • New section: ‘Autodialer Activity’ provides detailed statistical insights on selected autodialers: task dynamics, attempt effectiveness, autodialer state statistics, as well as several ‘Top’ arrays concerning directions, call durations, and the number of attempts for each task, etc.
  • Value history has been added. It displays the history of value changes and differences (absolute and relative).

value history in Oki-Toki

Call Management Update in Call Scripts

The control of neglected holding and unsuccessful forwarding has been moved inside the call script. Technically it won’t have an impact on the functionality, but it brings in more order. You can’t save the script without setting these controls, which might look superfluous for customers using the autoinformator, but it will save new or less attentive customers from unpleasant situations 🙂 

Call Management Update in Call Scripts in Oki-Toki

Clarifying reasons for unsuccessful call to agent

We’ve added notifications for failed agent-client connections, associated with agent’s network connection quality issues to the server. Such instances are marked with a specific clarification in the Call Log.

Clarifying on reasons for unsuccessful call to agent in Oki-Toki

SMS in the new interface

Another shift from the old interface to the new one – the connection of SMS-gateway. It’s located in the menu “Integration”, section “External resources” https://prnt.sc/vvt6vv.

New CRM forms (closed alpha)

We are smoothly approaching the launch of the client’s form in the new interface! Currently, intensive final tests and debugs of the interface, its functional and visual content are ongoing behind the scenes of Oki-Toki. Upon request, you can gain access to BETA-versions of the forms and rate the upgraded interaction tool with the client. Following the form, we’ll transition the rest of the CRM sections and the history of the “green” interface will conclude. Our team is in anticipation!

New sorting condition in the call log

A simple, but convenient feature for the “Call Log” report – sorting from “New to Old”. It’s a shame that it wasn’t implemented earlier. A simple toggle in the call filter will display the log entries from new to old.

New sorting condition in the Call Log on Oki-Toki

VIP Call TAB in the Call Log

This addition is in response to client requests who were unable to find the VIP call that interrupted the agent’s previous conversation. Now, in the “interrupted” call, a tab with information about the VIP customer who triggered the “VIP announcement” function appears.

VIP Call Tab in the Call Log on Oki-Toki

Updated Call Filter

The old tool for automatically hiding “undesirable” calls for the report based on a certain feature has been improved. You can read more about it in this article.

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