Simple sales script

Sales script is the most popular type of script used by teleshops, CPA networks, microfinance, collection companies, etc.

Simple sales script

Sales script is the most popular type of script used by teleshops, CPA networks, fulfillment and microfinance organizations, collection companies, etc.

The set of questions usually includes presentation, presentation, objection handling, and transaction form.

Work results – the reason for the refusal or the completed order form, as well as additional information in the form of tags, markers or contact fields. In addition to the result, automation is often used, such as working with retargeting lists or integration with mail / SMS mailing lists.

♦ API for transferring data to an external system (eg 1C, Bitrix24, AmoCRM or company's own CRM);

♦ SMS (link to order, registration or re-order);

♦ Dialer (to schedule a new call for another time);

♦ Embedded external links (project information resources);

♦ KP to mail (sending a pre-prepared letter with attachments and text with substituted values);

♦ Call management (Hold, conference, redirect);

♦ Fields for entering data (the text of the answer can be automatically saved in the contact field. For example, entering data about a client or parameters of a deal under discussion);

♦ Branched scheme of questions (answers determine the chain of subsequent questions);

Here you can register and explore ready-made script templates. Once you get comfortable, create a script in Google docs or MsWord and import the questionnaire into Oki- Toki.

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