Script for incoming calls (hotline)

The inbox script is designed for a “warm”, competent client who requires information on various, narrow issues.

Script for incoming calls (hotline)

This time we will discuss a type of script for corporate contact centers – a script for incoming calls (hotline). Usually, the preparation of such scripts takes more time, since the incoming line is called, basically, by a “warm”, competent client and he requires information on many issues, and these are often dozens of cases. If you have a knowledge base for most cases, then it can (should!) be integrated with the script. Our support will offer a solution.

If this is your first time on our website, watch a series of short videos about Oki-Toki scripts here.

Areas of use

Corporate contact center, virtual secretary, dispatch service, food delivery, logistics companies and all those to whom the client knocks on his own initiative – everywhere the script for incoming must have.

Script example

Usually, the incoming call processing script can be conditionally divided into 4 stages:

  • Greeting and identifying the reason for the appeal;
  • Clarification of the request and collection of the necessary data;
  • Preliminary response and request for additional information;
  • Summing up and suggesting a solution.

An example template for importing from Google docs is available at this link. create a script in Google docs or MsWord and import the questionnaire into Oki-Toki.

Useful features of CRM Oki-Toki for the incoming line

♦ API for data transfer to an external system (eg 1C, Bitrix24, AmoCRM or company’s own CRM);

♦ Dialer (schedule a call for another time);

♦ Embedded external links (project information resources);

♦ History of requests (we store the entire history of interaction with the contact and his business processes);

♦ Stickiness (Conditional binding of the responsible person to the client);

♦ Omnichannel (messenger chats);

♦ The uniqueness of the CRM database (A simple but effective duplicate control system will allow you to update and update the database by API and mass operation);

♦ Call Management (Hold, Conference, Forward).

Here you can register and explore ready-made script templates.

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