Where to Buy SIP Numbers in Ukraine

List of telecom operators that sell SIP-numbers in Ukraine. Their Contacts, mail and recommendations from the Oki-Toki service.

Where to Buy SIP Numbers in Ukraine

The client can order numbers from any telecom operator that supports the SIP standard. We do not give preferences to any operator. For all operators, this service is new and contact center employees often do not show proper competence. Therefore, below we provide a list of contact persons for connections in major telecom operators in Ukraine.

successionGennady Davydov+380(44)5457205info@chereda.net
KyivstarMaxim Adamenko+380672242328Maxim.Adamenko@kyivstar.net
VegaIrina Isaeva+380933229772, +380445817007Irina.Isaeva@vegatele.com
datagroupElena Gromova+380(67)2142642Elena.Gromova@datagroup.ua
lifeDenys Lapach+380632107403denys.lapach@lifecell.com.ua
IntertelecomMikhail Sapon+380443611191, +380943303001msapon@it.od.ua
WigwAm telecomAlexey Tsypinyuk+380(44)5378002, +380(99)5345279
Lamis Ukraine+380(44)4923131info@lamis.net.ua

With each of these operators, we have built more than one connection, and adding another one will not be difficult for us.


Note 1: Order at least 10 lines at once – they will not be superfluous, but are quite inexpensive. Note 2: About security. The operator will definitely offer at least one connection method: trunk (SIP-Trunk) or registration (SIP Register). Some carriers (Life: for example) will insist on encrypting the connection. All these questions are necessary to prevent the use of your numbers without your consent. The difference in connection methods is as follows:

  • trunk – eliminates the possibility of unauthorized use, but will require written agreement with the operator (a day or even two) to change the server, if such a need arises
  • registration – allows you to change the server without stopping the service, but has the theoretical possibility of using your passwords by third parties for personal gain.

Choose yourself. Note 3: More about security. Although, according to the new edition of the Law of Ukraine “On Communications”, the service of making international calls requires the consent of the client and should not be enabled by default, some operators include it when concluding a new contract. Pay attention to this and ask to turn it off on all rooms – you will not need it. If you are outside of Ukraine or want a number in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can contact SIPNET. By numbers in other cities of Russia – please contact our office or Google. Here you can find out where to get SIP numbers in Kazakhstan.

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