Voice Messaging Service

The cloud service oki-toki - the best solution for voice broadcasting and automatic dialing of your company's customers. The robot will handle order confirmations, informing customers about the assortment and promotions.

Why are Voice Broadcasts Gaining Popularity?

The voice broadcasting program frees agents

for more complex tasks. It works great for order confirmations and cold sales.

The auto informer instantly scales

to your capabilities. Unlike agents, it doesn’t take breaks, and hiring and training are unnecessary – it already has everything needed.

The auto informer makes no mistakes

5 attempts or 10 – the voice message broadcast will work as you specify.

The auto informer is clever

– it can speak numbers and dates, streets and names, and read surnames. And it can understand responses.

Where to use voice broadcasts:

Advertising and Attraction

Message broadcasting - an excellent tool for productive, individual, and if necessary, anonymized, work with the client.


Voice message broadcast about delivery, debt, or changes in the work schedule - that's the job the Auto Informer handles best.


You can automate cold calls or repeat orders, entrusting the dialing and initial offer to the voice message broadcasting program.

Research and Surveys

These tasks are solved with voice recognition. Ukrainian and Russian languages, in any time zone. The base of responses will be exported in popular formats.

Service Advantages

Possibility to connect your telephony

Choose and connect your communication provider and reduce communication costs by 3 TIMES!

Integration Capabilities

Connect external services via Webhook and Http-requests. You can retrieve call records, request debtor names, or conduct a lottery.

Connecting Live Agents

Our service contains scripts for agents, CRM, discipline control, and accounting of agents' working time.

Tools for Professionals

You can run multiple projects for different clients: rights, change log, and personalized domain - all included.

Voice Broadcasting Capabilities of Oki-toki

Recording Standard Messages

Record voice messages yourself or with the help of Yandex TTS and Amazon robots.

IVR Dialogue Builder

Program an IVR dialogue with the subscriber, resulting in a connection to a specific department or agent.

IVR with Voice Recognition

Configure voice IVR for specific words and synonyms, by which the robot will determine further actions in the conversation.

Automatic Voice Broadcasts

Create voice alerts using a speech synthesizer. The broadcast can inform the client about the amount of debt, order, account balance, etc.

Determining the Subscriber's Time Zone

Automatic determination of the time zone by the number prefix allows you to set up auto voice message broadcasting according to your subscribers’ working hours.

CRM Integration

Connect oki-toki to your CRM and use this data when creating a voice broadcast to the database (addressing the client by name and pronouncing any data from CRM).

Detailed Statistics for Each Call

Receive detailed statistics on specific keypresses and voice responses, percentages of listened messages, and other subscriber actions.

Summary Statistics

Analyze the results of the voice message broadcast: how many calls were made by the robot, daily statistics on keypresses and transitions, the quality of the base as a result of the dialing.

Parallel Dialing

Launch mass voice message broadcasting immediately across several databases with different content.

Broadcast Scheduling

Set any schedule for each voice message broadcast, up to specific periods during the day.

Action Algorithm Setup

Determine what actions the robot should perform if there is a communication failure, the number is busy, or there is no answer.

Connecting the "call-drop" Feature

Configure the “call-drop” feature to save on communication costs.

Connecting the Blacklist

Add numbers that the robot should never call. Set up a general blacklist or a separate one for each stream.

Primary Functions

  • Additional Payment
  • Agent's Workspace € 1
  • For 1 agent per day

  • One-Time Payment
  • Activating and Setting up the Service € 75
  • One-time fee for service connection and setup

Additional Features

  • For 1 port
  • Ports in the GSM Gateway € 0,75
  • Per Day
  • SMS Dispatch Module € 1.5
  • Per Day
  • Additional Storage for Conversation Records € 0,15
  • For every additional 10 GB, beyond the 10 GB included in the subscription fee.

Additional Tariffing for the Number of Attempts at Auto-Dialing

  • Per day
  • from 0 up to 500 pieces. Included in the subscription Included in the subscription
  • Per day
  • from 500 to 30,000 units. € 4,5
  • Per day
  • from 30,000 to 60,000 units. € 7.5
  • for every 10,000 attempts
  • from 60,000 units. € 1,2

Premium Features

  • Per Day
  • Determining a Customer's Time Zone € 1.5
  • Per Day
  • Priority Queue for VIP Customers € 1.5
  • Per Day
  • Personal Domain € 1.5
  • Per Day
  • Cloud Backup € 1.5
  • Per Day
  • Dedicated Server € 12
  • For a single server. It can be used for multiple modules or functions simultaneously (for instance, for CRM and Dialer).

  • Per Day
  • Daily Rules for Auto-Dialling € 1.5
  • Unlimited reports up to 10 pcs Included in the subscription Included in the subscription
  • for every 100 reports
  • Unlimited Reports from 10 Units € 1.5

Speech Recognition (for individual segments ranging from 1 to 15 seconds)

  • per day
  • from 0 to 50 units. Included in the subscription
  • per day
  • from 51 pcs. 0,02

Speech Synthesis (Behind the Symbols of Printed Text)

  • Per Day
  • from 0 to 1000 units. Included in the subscription Included in the subscription
  • Per Day
  • from 1,000 to 5,000 units. € 1.5
  • Per Day
  • from 5,000 to 10,000 units. € 3
  • Per Day
  • from 10,000 to 20,000 pieces. € 4.5
  • Per Day
  • from 20,000 to 30,000 pieces. € 6
  • Per Day
  • from 30,000 to 60,000 units. € 10
  • For every 10,000 characters
  • from 60,000 units. € 1.5

API Requests

  • Per Day
  • up to 1,000 pcs. Included in the subscription Included in the subscription
  • Per Day
  • From 1,000 to 10,000 units. € 0,75
  • Per Day
  • from 10,000 to 50,000 units. € 1.5
  • Per Day
  • from 50,000 to 100,000 pieces. € 3
  • for every 10,000 inquiries
  • from 100,000 pcs. € 0,3

Utilize additional tools as needed

Cloud-Based Contact Center

All the functionality a call center could need, right in your browser!

  • Multi-channel complaint processing,
  • Advanced CRM and analytics,
  • Telephony management,
  • Agent management and control.

And much more!

Business Chat for Your Website

Oki-Toki Chat — it’s a unified center for handling customer calls and messages on social media, e-mail, website, and messenger apps: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype.

  • Connect Conferences, Video Conferences and Screen sharing to your chats.
  • Work globally and competently.
  • Expand your telephony functionality.
  • Automate sales and support with chatbots.
  • Manage the quality of chats with KPI, alerts, smart reports and rewards.”

The omnichannel platform brings together calls, web chats, emails, social networks, messengers, and mobile applications. This unified environment is extremely user-friendly, and the combined data creates the perfect conditions for bots – reliable and functional assistants.

Speech Analytics

Conversation evaluation, transcripts, and speech analytics – three key Oki-Toki tools that will allow you to control the quality of calls in your call center!

  • automatic selection of audio recording for review,
  • voice distortion to eliminate subjectivity,
  • statistics of agent ratings and the performance of the quality control department,
  • karaoke mode (comparison of audio recording text and highlighting the text during listening),
  • tracking interruptions, pauses, use of obscene language in conversation with customer,
  • tracking the compliance of the application form with the conversation transcript.

Reviews on Oki-Toki from Other Services

Oki-Toki Google Chrome browser

Automatic Voice Broadcasts

Oki-Toki is an innovative service that offers the possibility of automatic voice broadcasting to your customers. One of the main advantages of Oki-Toki is its ability to automate routine tasks such as order status notifications, alerts about new services and products, reminders of upcoming events, and much more. This allows companies to keep in touch with their customers without spending a lot of time on manual work.

Regardless of the type of business you run, Oki-Toki will help you improve the quality of customer service, reduce manual labor costs, and increase the effectiveness of your communication. Dive into the world of automation and start using the Oki-Toki service today.

What is a Voice Messaging Service?

The voice messaging service is a type of technology that allows sending voice messages to multiple recipients at the same time. They are used for broadcasting notifications, reminders, informational messages, etc. Typically, voice messaging services offer the ability to record and send audio messages through a web interface or mobile application. This allows you to quickly and efficiently convey information to many people at the same time, which is one of the key advantages of voice messaging services.

Main functions of voice broadcasts

Voice messaging services offer the following main functions:

  • Creation of voice messages: users can record messages that will be used in the mailing.
  • Broadcasting voice messages to the phone: the service sends voice messages to specified phone numbers or contact groups.
  • Automatic dialing: the service can use the dialer function to deliver a voice message until the recipient answers the call.
  • Reporting: the service provides reports on the delivery of voice messages, delivery status reports, and other statistics that can help users optimize their audio mailing campaigns.

Integration with other services: some voice mailing programs can integrate with services such as CRM systems to help users manage their contacts and companies more effectively.

What can a Voice Messaging Service be used for?

Voice message broadcasting is a powerful business tool. They are used for both cold and warm calls to attract attention and cover a maximally wide audience.

The theme of voice message broadcasting on the phone is set by you, so this tool can be used by companies of different focuses. Special attention to this type of alert should be paid by start-up owners who strive to quickly develop their project and make it popular. Voice broadcasts to phones can form the basis of an advertising company spreading information about a product or service.

Why are voice broadcasts needed?


Voice broadcasts allow you to reach a multitude of people quickly and efficiently, significantly saving time that would be required for manual messaging or calls.


Audio messages can be customized and automated, making the broadcasting process easier and more convenient.

Better audience coverage

Voice broadcasts can reach a larger audience than other forms of marketing such as emails or social networks, as they can be played at any time and in any place.


Voice broadcasting to a database of numbers can be personalized based on individual preferences and needs of the audience, which increases the company’s effectiveness.

Popular cases for voice broadcasts

  1. Notification of discounts and promotions: Voice messages by robots can be used to notify customers of upcoming discounts, promotions, and special offers to boost sales.
  2. Surveys and research: Voice broadcasts can be used to conduct surveys and research among customers to improve the offered services and products.
  3. Event notifications: The audio message service can be used to notify customers about upcoming events, such as new product releases or special events.
  4. Advertising and sales: The tool is great for dialing and informing potential company customers about products and services;
  5. Notification of urgent important alerts: Voice broadcasting to phones can be used to notify customers about urgent and important alerts, such as changes in the schedule or unforeseen delays. This can help maintain customer trust and improve their experience.
  6. Notification of new products and services: The voice message delivery service can be used to introduce new products and services offered by your business to attract customer attention.

Voice broadcasts to the phone can be used to solve various tasks in business, from increasing sales to improving customer experience. It is important to choose the right service and develop an effective audio broadcast strategy to achieve desired results.

Main advantages of the voice messaging service

Voice broadcasts by robots are one of the effective ways to reach a large audience and promote your business. They offer the opportunity to deliver your message to constant and potential customers at a convenient time. An important advantage is that audio messages allow eliciting an emotional response from the audience, which can increase trust and attract attention. 

The main advantages of oki-toki:

  1. Ease of use: Pay attention to the convenience of use and intuitiveness of the platform. Choose a service that is easy to use and does not require additional technical skills.
  2. Personalization capability: Choose a service that allows you to customize and personalize broadcasts so that they are as relevant as possible for your target audience.
  3. Reliability and security: Choose a service that guarantees high message delivery and ensures the reliability and security of your information.
  4. Price and value: Compare prices and capabilities of different services and choose the one that offers the best value for its price.
  5. Technical support: Pay attention to the availability of technical support and the quality of its services. Oki-Toki offers quality technical support that can help you resolve any issues that arise and ensure stable service operation.
  6. Voice synthesis: The ability to record voice messages yourself or synthesize voice using Google and Yandex TTS robots;
  7. Messages: Sending an SMS message in case of an unsuccessful call or when simple client information is needed;
  8. Statistics and reports: Collecting statistics and recording each conversation, based on which the call-center management will be able to track the result of using automatic voice broadcasts;
  9. Automatic dialing: Setting up the dialer, based on the customer’s time zone;
  10. Integrations: Sending Webhooks to notify third-party services about call results and user actions. 
  11. CRM: Oki-Toki can be used with any modern CRM, allowing you to receive customer data, such as their name, debt amount, delivery date of the order, etc.

The Oki-Toki service offers easy setup and efficient use of audio mailings, personalization, reliability, value, as well as the availability of technical support. Overall, the use of voice broadcasts can be an important tool in the marketing and advertising strategy of your business.

If you want to try the voice messaging service – fill out the form to get access to all the features of Oki-Toki. You will be able to test the voice messaging service for free for 14 days before deciding to purchase the program.

Submit your request and receive a detailed consultation from a specialist.

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