Dailer and cloud service for dealer

Diler is a professional tool for working with a large client base!


Do you need a dealer with a transfer to an operator?

  • Simultaneous dialing on several projects by one group of operators.
  • Manual or automatic confirmation of dialing to the required contact or decision maker.
  • Control of the presence of the operator for filling out CRM.
  • Library of ready-made call processing scripts.
  • Data entry directly into CRM.
  • Determination of the subscriber's time zone (automatic or manual).
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Need a robot dealer?

  • Speech synthesis using Google and Yandex search engine technologies.
  • Playback of messages recorded by the announcer or synthesized by the robot.
  • Design robot conversation scenarios and track responses.
  • Receiving data from an external system (1C or CRM)
  • Statistics on pressing certain keys, the percentage of the message listened to, etc.
  • Determining the subscriber's time zone (automatic or manual detection by number prefix).
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Features of our dealer

Auto redial modes

  • callback mode . First, a call is made to the operator, a message is played, and then a call is made to the customer. This mode is used for working with VIP clients and when processing hot clients.
  • progressive mode . The slowest of the modes. Works only for operators in the Ready status, occupying one line per free operator. This mode does not create "dropped" calls. Mainly used to work with warm clients.
  • power dial . A method of reducing connection waiting, in which for each agent in the Ready and PCP status, the dealer occupies a specified number of lines with calls. This mode is chosen by microcredit services and owners of "bad or generated" bases.
  • Predictive mode or Predictive . The mode of dynamic adjustment of the number of lines for a constant load of operators while maintaining the proportion of \"dumped\" calls at a predetermined level. Effective from 15 operators on one auto-call. The efficiency of operators' work increases by 2-3 times.
  • limitless mode . The mode of using lines without restrictions. Usually used for calling from IVR, notifying customers about a promotion or service

Flexible diler settings

  • Controlling the number of dialing attempts. Set the dialer how many dial attempts he should make for each number. It can be either a certain amount or until the call is successful.
  • Controlling the interval of dialing attempts. Determine for the dealer with what frequency he should attempt to call back: once an hour, several hours, a day.
  • The ability to expand the database in real time. Add new numbers to the database for the dealer at any time without stopping his work.

Setting call priorities

  • By task creation time : newest first or oldest first.
  • By scheduled call time : most overdue or most timely first.
  • By task priority : urgent, normal, low.
  • By the number of attempts : maximum or minimum.

Call status management

  • Automatic survey about the quality of service.
  • Questionnaire for assessing the quality of the operator's work.
  • Indicators of the level of service of operators and queues.
  • Presence control at the workplace.
  • Accounting for the employment of operators.
  • Operator regulations.
  • Operator billing.
  • Operator statuses.
  • Interception and listening to a call.

Dealer management via API

  • Integration with RetailCRM, Leadvertex, Bitrix24, amoCRM (coming soon).
  • Transfer of order parameters and subscriber data from external CRM.
  • Uploading call data and records to CRM.

CRM and analytics

  • Record voice messages yourself or with the help of Yandex TTS robots.
  • Connect your inboxes and set up voice greetings for them.
  • Notify customers about the status of the order and delivery when outgoing calls.
  • Program an IVR dialogue with a subscriber, as a result of which a connection with a specific department or operator is possible.
  • Allow the subscriber to answer IVR questions using tone dialing or voice.

Savings on communication

Connect your IP telephony to receive and process calls. Store all information on calls in one system!

  • connection of any number of communication providers;
  • routing of outgoing calls according to tariffs and operator prefixes;
  • control of permitted directions;
  • setting a limit on communication costs;
  • automatic monitoring of communication quality;
  • automatic SMS and email notification when spending limits are reached or communication quality deteriorates;
  • reports on the cost, number and duration of calls.


  • Additional payment
  • Operator's workplace € 1
  • For 1 operator per day

  • One time payment
  • Connection and service settings € 75
  • One-time fee for connecting and setting up the service

Additional billing for the number of Autocall attempts

  • in a day
  • from 0 to 500 pcs. included in the subscription fee included in the subscription fee
  • in a day
  • from 500 to 30,000 pcs. € 4,5
  • in a day
  • from 30,000 to 60,000 pcs. € 7.5
  • for every 10,000 attempts
  • from 60 000 pcs. € 1,2

Use additional tools as needed

Cloud call center

All the functionality that a call center might need in your browser!

  • Multichannel call processing,
  • Advanced CRM and analytics,
  • telephony management,
  • Management and control of operators.

And much more!


The omnichannel platform integrates calls, web chats, email, social networks, instant messengers and mobile applications. In such a unified environment, it is very convenient for people to work, and the combined data creates the conditions for the work of bots – reliable and functional assistants.

Auto call
  • 5 dialer modes: Preview/Callback, Predictive, Progressive, Ultra, Power,
  • flexible settings for the number and interval of attempts,
  • the possibility of using in conjunction with an autoinformer,
  • adjustment of calls according to the time zone of customers,
  • integration with external CRM,
  • automatic processing of lost calls.
Speech analytics

Conversation scoring, transcripts and speech analytics are three Okie-Toki tools that will allow you to control the quality of calls in your call center!

  • automatic selection of an audio recording for verification,
  • voice distortion to eliminate subjectivity,
  • statistics of operators' assessments and the work of the quality control department,
  • karaoke mode (matching the text of the audio recording and highlighting the text while listening),
  • tracking interruptions, pauses, the use of obscene (obscene) words in a conversation with a client,
  • tracking the compliance of the questionnaire with the transcript of the conversation.

Reviews about Oki-Toki from other services

Oki-Toki Google Chrome browser

Oki-Toki - call center service for automatic dialing using a dialer

Dyler helps to reduce the response time, remove routine tasks from employees and helps in processing lost calls. Use the service online: the use of cloud technologies gives employees the opportunity to work from anywhere where there is an Internet connection, and managers to control efficiency. If you want to buy a dialer, please pay attention to Oki-Toki cloud software.

The main advantages of the Oki-Toki service:

1. Ability to set up a diler in 24/7 mode;
2. 14 days of free use of the diler, so that you can verify its effectiveness and flexibility of settings;
3. Data exchange with external CRM;
4. Connecting your IP-telephony;
5. Possibility of automatic connection with the operator when the client answers;
6. Setting the number and interval of attempts;
7. Autodial adjustment, depending on the client's time zone;
8. Automatic processing of lost calls;
9. Autoinformer mode;
10. Ability to use several operating modes simultaneously.

The client will be able to choose those Oki-Toki tools that he really needs and pay only for what he really uses. Thus, the dealer will not increase, but rather reduce the costs of your CC. The available types of automatic phone redial are listed below.

Types of automatic redial Oki-Toki

1. Automatic dialing to the number with transfer to the operator

Oki-Toki service allows you to perform automatic dialing for several projects. The dialer works like this: after the client answers, the system automatically transfers the call to the operator. The operator can confirm the call manually or automatically. In order for the service, the offer of a product or service to be most effective, when automatically dialing a number, the call script saved in the library is available to the operator. During a conversation with a client or buyer, a call center employee has the ability to quickly enter data into the client card saved in CRM.

2. Automatic ringing by a robot

An autodialer robot is used to optimize the staff of operators, relieve them of the task of routine calling, and improve the efficiency of the main line.

Typical tasks solved using a dialer with voice message:

  • promotion notice;
  • Visit notification (for example, to a webinar or a doctor);
  • Automatic survey about the quality of service;
  • Offering your services;
  • Updating the database of numbers;
  • Use in the financial sector to remind you of the amount of debt or maturity.

The user of the Oki-Toki system can customize the behavior of the robot by setting the necessary steps in the call script. Depending on the need, you can order an Oki-Toki auto-dialer telephone robot that can play a recording or synthesize text using Google and Yandex cloud services, as well as: access CRM, save answers in the database, forward the call to the operator and plan the next call.

Other Benefits of the Oki-Toki Outbound Dialing System

Dialer for outgoing calls allows you to set the number of dialing attempts and intervals of dialing attempts. An employee responsible for updating the database can add new numbers to it or delete problematic ones at any time: the history of imports is saved, uniqueness is controlled, and service fields can be added.

Auto dialing is carried out by priority numbers. Determination of priority numbers for dialing implies sorting and flexible setting of the auto-dial service according to the following parameters:

  • Task creation time;
  • Scheduled call time;
  • Region;
  • Number of attempts.

The use of priorities in the Oki-Toki dealer helps to effectively process the customer base based on business objectives. For a test, you can order an auto-dial service for 14 days of free access and make sure that the tool is useful!

Data from the online auto-dial service can be immediately integrated into such CRMs as: RetailCRM, Leadvertex, Bitrix24 and amoCRM. Using Webhooks makes it possible to report events occurring in the system (user actions, call results), and notify third-party services about them using the API or the classic sending of a letter to the mail.

Do not waste time on continuous manual dialing of a subscriber, order a dialer online! Now dialing to the number is possible, even if the client's phone is busy almost all the time!

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