How to Improve Call Center Performance? 12 Useful Tips

How to Enhance Your Call Centre Performance, Boost its Efficiency, Crucial Points, Methods, Useful Tips.

How to Improve Call Center Performance? 12 Useful Tips

For many companies, the call center is a vital link in providing a high level of customer service. However, call center operations don’t always run smoothly, and many companies encounter issues in this area.

In this article, we have collected useful tips and suggestions to improve the contact center, which will optimize work and increase the quality of customer service.

1. Key Performance Indicators of the call center

To evaluate the effectiveness of the contact-center, it is necessary to determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They help to identify problem areas and take steps to eliminate them.

Examples of KPIs may include:

  • response time to a customer request; 
  • call duration with the customer;
  • number of calls;
  • level of customer satisfaction. 

Determining KPIs is the first step towards evaluating the performance of a call center. On the basis of KPIs, measures are taken to optimize the call center and adjust the training program for agents.

About call center performance metrics and KPI tools by Oki-Toki can be learned about in the article.

2. Training and Learning Programs

Qualified and professional agents are the key to effective performance and high level of customer service.

There are numerous training programs for the call center that will help agents enhance their skills and knowledge. These include:

  • Time management and workflow organization online courses;
  • Customer interaction courses: problem-solving and compromise finding;
  • Training on how to use call center software;
  • Courses on conflict management and communication difficulties overcoming skills.

Effectiveness of the training can be assessed through testing, surveys, and monitoring agents’ results after the course. Training is a crucial investment for the company, enhancing agents’ qualification, boosting their motivation and confidence as well as improving the quality of customer service.

3. Optimization of Work Processes

There are many ways to optimize a call center and the work processes in a company. Some of these include:

  • Task Automation: using software that automates routine tasks (such as form filling, automatic call distribution or sending emails) will free up valuable time.
  • Multitasking: combining tasks that can be performed simultaneously will help agents utilize their time more efficiently and increase productivity.
  • Improving Communication: effective communication between agents and different departments will speed up problem-solving and reduce the time spent on tasks.

Tools for optimizing a call center can vary depending on the needs of the company. However, using such tools as task management software, quality control systems, and data analysis tools can improve the operation of the contact center and increase productivity.

In the article “Contact center automation” gathers more detailed information about work process optimization and exciting ideas for call centers.

4. Employee Support

Creating a favorable work atmosphere, motivating agents and raising satisfaction levels – all of these can help the agents work more efficiently and enhance customer service quality.

Employee motivation methods will help to improve the call center performance. Some of these include:

  • Incentives: minor incentives, such as bonuses or rewards, can motivate agents and boost their productivity.
  • Career Development: providing opportunities for growth within the company can also be a powerful motivator for agents.
  • Training and Development: offering opportunities for training can help agents improve their productivity and confidence in their skills.

Ways to increase agent satisfaction include:

  • Conducting surveys: will help identify problems and trouble spots in the work of the contact center and find ways to improve them.
  • Conducting training and development programs: will allow agents to enhance their skills and confidence in their work.
  • Improving communication: effective communication between agents and management will increase employee satisfaction.
  • Building team spirit: agents will be more motivated to work as a team, which will help achieve set goals.

5. Optimizing Technical Infrastructure

To improve the operations of a call center, companies must properly select software and optimize technologies and tools.

There are many software solutions available for call center operations. It is necessary to choose the one that suits the specific needs of the company. The main functions that the software should provide include monitoring and analyzing employee work, task management, and quality control, features offered by Oki-Toki. 

Call centers can greatly benefit from optimizing their provider operations, for example, at Oki-Toki, we have advanced call routing. We can automatically select the most cost-effective provider for a specific direction call. And if one provider isn’t working, within the same call, we try to utilize another telephony system.

A technical specialist is absolutely necessary to handle connection and solve issues with the telephony so that failures and breakages are resolved promptly.

In a large call center, there will always be tasks to be accomplished. So if nothing’s breaking and your system administrator seems idle, it means they’re doing an excellent job. 🙂

About the Oki-Toki cloud-based call center and software from Oki-Toki you can read in a separate article on the blog.

6. Client management

Training of agents to enhance their communication skills and promoting a positive approach and attentive attitude towards clients will inevitably uplift the quality of client service.

Guidance on how to properly communicate with clients: 

  • It’s crucial to establish contact with the client and demonstrate their issue matters to the company.
  • Show patience and listening skills to clients, assist them with their problems and give recommendations.
  • Use clear and accessible language when interacting with clients to ensure they easily comprehend what’s happening.

Courses and training will help our agents to develop communication skills, learn problem-solving techniques and boost their confidence level.Positive communication, courtesy, and professionalism will enable agents to create trustful relationships with clients and resolve issues more effectively.

7. Utilization of data and analytics

Proper use of data can help the company identify issues in the call center’s operation and consider ways for its improvement. It’s necessary to determine key performance indicators such as response time to calls, conversation duration with the client, and client satisfaction level, for understanding which aspects of operation need improvement. Special tools, detailed and summary reports of agent activities, and customer interaction assessment systems, etc. are used to analyze these data.

Companies that prioritize analytics can timely identify problems, continually enhance their employees’ work experience, and increase the quality of customer service.

Learn more about data analysis tools from Oki-Toki in a separate article.

8. Use of Social Media and Media Channels

Companies can use social media and media channels for quick and effective communication with customers, answer questions, comments, and provide information about their products and services. Companies should establish communication rules and a responsible person to respond to messages and comments on social media. Using media channels, such as chats, video calls, and email, allows contact center agents to connect with customers more quickly and effectively. All of these will enable companies to improve the quality of customer service and create a positive company image.

9. Implementation of Effective Tracking and Control Systems

Companies can utilize KPI tracking systems for work surveillance and performance assessment. It is critical to pinpoint key performance indicators, establish metrics and elect suitable software. Moreover, there is a need to train the staff and set the rules for KPI usage.

The KPI system enables the firm to supervise the call center’s operations and identify areas that require improvements. Regular performance evaluation will help acknowledge accomplishments and issues.

10. Managing Customer Experience in the Call Center

Managing customer experience is a process aimed at creating a positive impression for the company’s clients. This can be achieved by streamlining work processes, training the staff, and implementing new technologies. Organizations aim to provide high-quality service and create a positive experience for each client, which is a significant aspect of the call center’s operations.

Furthermore, companies collect and analyze feedbacks to identify problem areas and enhance service quality. 

11. Monitoring and Analysis of Customer Feedback

To enhance service quality in the call center, it’s crucial to understand customers’ viewpoints. To achieve this, companies can leverage various tools: surveys, online feedback, and social networks. Analyzing reviews can help understand customer needs and find ways to improve the service. It is better to use special software and tools for analyzing customer feedback to process large volumes of information rapidly and effectively. Through monitoring and analyzing customer reviews, a company can create a superior customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction levels.

12. Constant Improvement

To increase the effectiveness of the call center and be the best in their field, companies continuously strive to improve their work methods and enhance customer service quality. Essential aspects include training their agents, optimizing work processes, and adopting new technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics. Companies analyze and evaluate their performance to identify weak spots and take appropriate measures. Constant improvement helps the call center remain competitive, attract new customers, and maintain loyalty from existing ones.


Improving the operation of a call center is an important and complex process that requires attention to many aspects. We’ve discussed 12 valuable tips to help enhance service quality, boost agent efficiency, and cultivate a positive experience for every customer.

Don’t forget that the customer is the foundation of any business. A satisfied customer will come back to you and recommend your company to others. So, follow the advice, learn from mistakes, and do not be afraid to experiment. 🙂

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