How Does Phone System for Call Centers Work?

Five reasons why you should reboot your contact center. Improving the call center with Oki-Toki.

How Does Phone System for Call Centers Work?

Call center reboot – an attempt to look at the current solution for your call center from a different angle, identify problems, gaps and look for their solution. Everyone says: It works, don’t touch it. But if it comes to reducing maintenance costs, introducing automation and integration that you have long dreamed of? Or, for example, about simplifying management, the ability to make evaluation criteria more transparent, increase profits? Let’s try to find these five reasons why it is worth restarting the KC!

1. Advantages of cloud PBX for call centers

  1. Automatic data backup at no additional cost.
  2. Loyalty to stored data, access to which is specified in the contract.
  3. No need for staff to monitor servers and provide failover.
  4. Operators can work remotely without compromising security or additional hassle.
  5. Your budget will say “Thank you” as remote operators don’t need to buy equipment or allocate space.
  6. By configuring the customer’s access to his statistics, you can concentrate on the business, and not on the discussion how are you? No leads yet?

2. Voice services

Now you will not surprise anyone with such words astranscript, recognition and synthesis . But knowing and using are two different things. Cloud solutions were ahead of the box and added the most modern solutions to their product. How to apply? Transcripts – which is more convenient, listen to hours of operators’ conversations per day, or view their conversations as a “newspaper” per hour? Together with disciplinary control, this functionality makes the work of the supervisor incredibly easier and helps to track all violations of agents during calls. Synthesis – will add personality to calls and increase conversion. How? play an individual greeting, call and offer a personal promotion or remind you to replenish the balance by saying the name of the client and a specific amount. Voice recognition – saves operators time, takes over the work of solving simple questions on the incoming line and increases the loyalty of customers who do not need to press buttons, but just say the answer. Example? Have you tried pressing 1 on your smartphone while driving or driving? It takes at least 3 actions to do this, and with the Voice Recognition tool, for example, the answer Yes will be identical to pressing button 1.

3. Ready-made integrations – simplicity, convenience, flexibility

When you hear the wordIntegration, something complicated, incomprehensible, costly in terms of time and money appears. What if everything is really wrong? Cloud solutions always stand shoulder to shoulder with integrations. After all, this is an important moment in business that should not be missed. For example, the internal CRM can no longer cope with the dynamics of the business and you liked the CRM from AMO or Bitrix24, but the internal PBX does not have integration from the box and you need to look for specialists in this area, draw up technical specifications and pay money. The alternative is cloud solutions, which most often already have integration and technical support specialists will help you set it up in a few clicks. Need more from integration? – use extended API covering 99% of wishes!

4. Convenient interfaces or how not to go crazy with project settings

Simple, in comparison with asterisk or other analogues, the management interface allows you to remove dependence on highly specialized specialists. For example, to change the IVR on the incoming line or connect the SIP number. In practice, you need a specialized specialist who, working together with a supervisor, will be able to set it up as needed for the project. And what if we take a cloud solution that does not require such a specialist, and the supervisor can do everything himself, including connecting any telephony? IVR can be changed within a minute, and statistics can be received by mail or tracked in real time. This is the reality – this is how many people work.

5. Automation

Automation? Why is she needed in a call center?

  • Processing of the lost – forget about the control of the missed, the robot will take care of it
  • Automatic control over operators, for example – find out in real time who is working and who is not, who violated or eavesdrop on the conversation of an operator who communicates with a client for almost 20 minutes.
  • Automatic exchange of information via API, such as attaching information about a call or a link to a recording of a conversation.
  • Automatic calls without operators.
  • Automatic reports.
  • Automatic uploading of conversations to the cloud Google or Yandex.

And that’s not all that can be automated! We tried to push you to think about overloading your CC and show that migration may not be very difficult and will be very useful.

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