How to Add a Number to the Blacklist in Oki-Toki Service?

What is the Black List of Numbers and how to set it up in Oki-Toki for incoming, outgoing calls and for dialer.

How to Add a Number to the Blacklist in Oki-Toki Service?

Almost every call center sooner or later comes to the conclusion that he needs such a tool as the Black List of Numbers (NS) in order not to make or receive unwanted calls. In addition to the ability to create such a list, it should also be convenient. To do this, Oki-Toki has a “Lists” tool that can interact with scripts for calls and dialogs.

The article refers to the Cloud Call Center product

Create a list

To create a “Black List of Numbers”:

  • Go to Project Resources menu, Lists section, New;
  • Copy the list of numbers into the text field (one number per line, a column from Excel will do) and save.


Blacklist for incoming line

Create a simple call script with number verification:

  • Go to the “Project Resources” menu, “ Call Scripts ” section , select a script;
  • Through the “Elements” tab, add the “Number Check” cube;
  • Attach the loose cube that appears between the “Start” and the “Queue” so that the system checks the number before it enters the queue. The outputs from the “Check Number” should be distributed in the same way as in the screenshot: \"Scenario
  • Attach the Blacklist to the “Check Number” die;
  • Publish the script for the settings to take effect;
  • It remains to bind the script to the queue: go to the “Queue”, attach the call script to it and save.


Done! The “black list of numbers” is already in the works. If you have configured everything correctly, then the incoming call will be processed by the “Number Check” function, which will check the numbers against your list. If the number is in the list (Suitable), then the call will be forced to end.

Blacklist for dialer

  • Go to the auto-dialer to which you want to attach the list.
  • Select “Black List” from the drop-down list and save the new settings;


How to add a number to the Blacklist from a dialog script

  • Go to the “CRM” menu, section “ Dialog scripts ” and select a script;
  • Write down the desired answer to the question, for example, “Do not call this number again”;
  • Go to the “Integrations”, “Add List” field and select our “Black List”;


When the operator selects this answer, the number will automatically go to “NW” and will be blocked.


Number conversion

Add phone numbers to the “Black List” in international format, as in this form they enter the system when you receive a call. There is a separate article on the blog about how to do this and about number formats .

If the subscriber has a hidden number or he comes through a virtual provider in a non-standard format, then in the “Check number” cube he will go to the “Error” exit, which means to the default queue (but then decide for yourself where such a number should follow the script).

How to find calls from contacts included in the Black List?

There is a “Functions” filter in the Call Log, select Blacklist and the generated report will display incoming and outgoing calls to numbers from the Blacklist.



  • One list can be used in several projects;
  • In addition to the “Black Lists” you can create others. For example, a list of VIP client numbers whose calls will be priority;
  • In the operator’s place, it is possible to add a number to the Black List, if this option is allowed to the operator;
  • You can make a report about incoming calls received from numbers from the Black List and attempts to dialer them ;
  • Manage the Black List via API directly from the interface of your information system;
  • If you need to receive a message in telegram or by mail when adding a number to an emergency, then use the “Events & Integrations” tool.


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