VIP call queue and list of VIP numbers in the call center

How to Set Up a VIP Call Queue for Priority Subscribers of a Call Centre, VIP Number List, and Call Scripts.

VIP call queue and list of VIP numbers in the call center

The VIP call queue will help you not to miss the call of an important client if all operators are busy and none of them can take the call. The system automatically switches the operator to a call from the priority queue, having warned him about it, and the current client is transferred to the “Hold” mode.

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Opportunities in OKI-TOKI

This tool is designed to serve priority customers or calls that cannot wait. The operator, during another call, hears a voice message and, after a short pause, the current call is put on hold, also warning the client about it. After that, the VIP call is sent to the operator, and after the conversation, the operator automatically returns to the first call. If the operator is in the “Ready” status, the VIP call will be distributed as usual.

You can specify the priority queue in the queue settings .

Activating the VIP-queue option

VIP numbers list

To create a VIP List “:

  • Go to the “Project Resources” menu, “Lists” section and click the create button ;
  • Give the new list a name. Copy the list of numbers into the text box (one number per line, a column from Excel will do). Save the list.

list of numbers for VIP queue

“VIP List” and “VIP Queue” in Call Script for Incoming Line

 One of the options for setting up a scenario with a VIP list looks like this: a client calls, the system finds him in the VIP list and directs the call to the queue for VIP clients, then to the operator. Almost the entire chain of settings will seem very familiar to you. The difference will be only in the names and scheme of the call script.

Call script for VIP queue

Create a simple call script with number verification:

  • Project Resources menu, Call Scripts section, create a new script;
  • Give it a name. You can create a script from scratch or choose from a list of templates that best suits your needs. And then it remains only to modify it for yourself. You can use the “Simple Incoming Line” pattern;

Creating a Call Script

  • Through the “Elements” tab, add a new cube “Number check”;
  • Attach the loose cube that appears between the “Start” and the “Queue”. This is necessary so that immediately after the start of the call, the system checks the number before it enters the queue;
  • Attach our “VIP list” to the “Number check” cube so that the number is checked for presence in our list and if it matches, the client will go to the VIP queue;

Setting up the cube Checking the number

  • You can add a Schedule cube and record a voice message in case the call is made on a holiday or outside the schedule;
  • In the “Queue” cube, specify the Priority queue – this will activate the VIP queue, the timeout for transferring the call to hold after the announcement, the message for the operator assigned to the VIP queue and the message for the client who will go to the “Hold mode ;
  • Using the Add Audio button, create voice messages using the robot for the operator and the client not from the Priority Queue. You can also upload a ready-made file;

Audio messages for Vip queue

  • Distribute the exits from the cubes as in the screenshot:

Call script for Vip queue

  • Don’t forget to publish the script for the settings to take effect;
  • It remains to bind the script to the queue by going to “Queue“, attach the call script to it and save it.

Call Script in queue settings

VIP queue without VIP list

If there is no list of VIP numbers, but you want incoming calls to the queue to be given priority and transferred to operators:

  • Enable Queue Prioritization in the queue settings;
  • Assign the required operators.

All calls received on this queue will be given priority. That is, the operator assigned to this queue, who is busy talking in another queue, will also receive this call, and his current conversation will be put on hold.

List of operators for VIP-queue

VIP queue in Call log report

To find the calls received on the VIP queue, go to the Call Log and select the required options.

The most important thing is to search “by function” and in the Call Options check “Priority calls only”.

Selecting search parameters for priority calls

Thus, the report will display only calls made to the VIP queue and intercepting an operator from another conversation.

VIP queue in the Call Log

Features of working with the VIP queue from our clients

  • If you do not want to interrupt the operator’s current conversation with a call from the VIP queue, set a long timeout for putting the call on hold after the announcement. For example, 30 minutes. Then put a sound file for the operator, warning about the call. According to this scheme, the operator will hear about the call from the VIP queue and decide when to end the conversation with the current client;
  • You can create multiple VIP number lists for a specific operator for a VIP queue. That is, in each list, enter the phone number of the client who will communicate with a specific operator, add several Checking the number cubes with these lists to the call script, and assign a VIP queue and a specific operator to each cube. The phone number will be run through the lists and find the right operator who will communicate with this client.


  • The queue for VIP clients is a paid service, it includes the use of this feature for all queues of the company. The fee is deducted only if the call made to the VIP queue interrupted the operator in the conversation or an audio message was listened to. The cost is fixed for an unlimited number of queues and calls per day;
  • If the operator did not accept the call after the announcement, information about the missed call can be viewed in the KPI report or create a rapport ;  
  • In addition to creating a VIP list of numbers, you can create a Blacklist for unwanted calls.

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