Customer Support Chat: Omnichannel Chat in Oki-Toki

Multiple communication channels in a single agent’s window – we recommend our own solution – “Omnichannel chat” in Oki-Toki.

Customer Support Chat: Omnichannel Chat in Oki-Toki

Omnichannel: Chat and Email Processing in the Contact Center

To increase the number of visitors to the store, you need to open your doors wider. Progressive services use this strategy by developing communication tools and feedback services. But how do you distribute the load between agents? Split messengers into groups? Or give agents n-windows to handle all communication channels at once? Various solutions answer these questions, called the “Omnichannel chat”. And now I will tell you about the chat for customer support – our solution, which we announced in the summary article at the end of last year.



Connect not only telephony to Oki-Toki, but also your mail and messenger accounts. Together, they form an omnichannel system for processing all means of communication in one window. At the time of writing this note, integration with Viber and Telegram is available; Whatsapp, Facebook/Instagram are in the pipeline.
h3>Agent’s work

The agent’s workplace is located at this linkBoth a computer and a mobile device are suitable for working in chats, which greatly simplifies the recruitment of new agents. The interface is available in day and night color schemes. The Viber chat request is next to the Telegram one, but this does not cause any inconvenience because the dialogue procedure is unified by a single interface. Inquiries are distributed to agents in the form of a chat list. Every request is assigned to a responsible agent who guides the ticket through a funnel of states to its resolution. width="1076" width="259"

Agent Control

Detailed and consolidated reports on agent statuses are already available. There will also be others, as they are not difficult to create. Moreover, your company can compile its own report based on our metrics using the simple Grafana service. Compile all chat events in graphs, use formulas – there is room here for analytics enthusiasts. Of course, control will appear in the “KPI Counter” and “Reports”, we can’t do without them 😉


Navigation /h3>All available dialogues are categorized according to their global states: “Active”, “Pending”, or “Completed (Archived)”. For a user-friendly experience, the dialogue list includes sorting functions and a search query input field./h3>

width="1132"h3>Chat/h3> The current version supports:

  • Joining other chats (subject to permission);
  • Managing contact status;
  • Invitation of other agents and the transfer of responsibility (subject to permission);
  • Changes in the participant list is logged by technical messages right in the dialogue;
  • Hidden messages for employees (Prompter);
  • Support for file sharing with the client (if supported by the communication channel).

width="1222"h3>Contact/h3> Companies utilizing our solution will find a convenient way to supplement their client communication sources, ensuring that they never lose a customer. This module may be modest now, but it will grow with features 🙂

Connecting accounts

Account management is located in the Mail & Chats section. (access limited by right in the system). Connection settings are minimal, and complex stages, such as “Where to get a token for Telegram?”, are described in detailed guides, just follow the link provided there.

Chats are currently in beta version, but they are already stable and can benefit your business (for free now 🙂 We are currently working on automating and botting our chats – we know you will be interested in this – so we recommend trying them first!

P.S. Every day, or almost every day, we publish updates in our telegram-channel.

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