Oki-Toki News Digest for May 2019

Oki-Toki news for May 2019: billing update, new server in Germany, integration with amoCRM and other service improvements. Read more in the digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for May 2019

Billing update

We are constantly optimizing Oki-Toki little by little. But sometimes you have to change something at the base of the system. It is not very safe no matter what measures are taken. This is done only by the very best, following the plan and only when there is a great need. This week and next week we are updating the SIP-telephony module, which will finally provide storage of SIP Providers (finally we will move away from the heritage of the ancient H323 protocol), optimized storage of data about calls to providers and, most importantly, the ability to store data about calls on your server .

New server in Germany

In Germany, they received a new telephony server on the i9-9900K. Very new – all beautiful and extremely playful. The average load on the cluster in Deutschland is 30%, the peak load is 65%. Already at work.

Peak calls per minute

It's nice to brag about records, and even more pleasant when these records are shared! This week, the peak load was 8000+ calls per minute! We scale to meet the appetites of our clients. Thank you for being with us!

Fixed the cause of broken and missing records

After a few days of worrying, we put together a real-time monitoring of recording problems and found a solution to this old and difficult problem. Under heavy load, records could be lost due to bottlenecks in the implementation of the lazy writer. After consultations, we write directly without a module directly to our high-speed NVMe modules. Eliminated

Evaluation of support work in the ticket system

Oki-Toki feedback from you is very important, so we have implemented an assessment of the quality of handling requests in the ticket. You can evaluate the work of a technical support employee after making the decision proposed by him. You can evaluate the work according to three criteria, indicating the number of stars from one to five. Grade

Integration with AMOCRM. Completion

Completed work on integration with AMO CRM. We have implemented the 5 most popular cases:

  • Automatic calling of new applications from AMO CRM by the Oki-Toki robot;
  • Automatic call when the transaction status is changed by the Oki-Toki robot;
  • Automatic dialing for new requests and connection with the operator when the client answers;
  • Automatic dialing when the transaction status changes and connection with the operator when the client answers;
  • Automatic creation of a contact and a deal in case of an event from the Oki-Toki service.

You can read more in this article.

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