Instructions: How to connect a SIP phone to a call center

How to connect a SIP phone to a call center, what it is for, how to create an account, set up a user and test the connection.

Instructions: How to connect a SIP phone to a call center

In this article, we have written detailed instructions on how to connect a SIP phone to a call center, in what cases it is necessary, as well as how to create an account, set up a user, and test the connection.

When is it needed?

Oki-Toki has a built-in softphone, but in some scenarios it is not enough. For example:

  • You want to make calls via mobile phone. To do this, you have installed the application. For example: zoiper ;
  • You need to make and forward calls to your IP-PBX, then you connect Oki-Toki as a telecom operator (virtually, of course). Applicable for: Bitrix, Binotel, Asterisk;
  • You have an IP phone (Grandstream, Linksys, Cisco, etc.) or a Windows replacement ( microsip , 3cx , PhonerLite ).


To receive a call on a SIP phone, you need to create an account for SIP connection in the personal account settings, assign it to the Oki-Toki user, and configure call routing. How to do it yourself?

Create an account


  • Specify the account name, link the Oki-Toki user to it;
  • SIP registration data will be generated automatically after clicking on the "Save" button. Now they need to be specified in the settings of the softphone, IP phone or external PBX;

\"SIP Phone:

  • In the account settings, you can reset the password, reassign the user and specify the queue for outgoing calls (if you will make outgoing calls).


User Configuration and Routing

  • In the user profile, in the "Communication" section, enable the " Softphone " setting (allows receiving calls to this communication tool);


  • To transfer more than 1 call at a time, enable "Multichannel" (required when connecting to an IP-PBX). This will allow multiple conversations at the same time, but will disable time tracking for this user;
  • For an incoming line and the ability to forward calls to SIP: in the scenario settings -> the "Queue" cube -> uncheck the " Presence control " setting . (When this option is enabled, the system searches for operators only in the operator position.)


How to check the connection to the IP-PBX

After connecting, the registration status can be seen in the SIP telephony section .

And also the registration status will be displayed in your device where you made the connection (if there is such an option



  • What is a SIP trunk and how to connect it to Oki-Toki read in a separate article on the blog.
  • Where to buy a SIP number – our recommendations .

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