Where to buy a SIP number? SIP Telephony Providers

How to choose a sip-telephony provider? If this is your first time choosing a sip provider, this article will introduce you to the most popular providers on the market.

Where to buy a SIP number? SIP Telephony Providers

How to choose SIP telephony

If you use dialer, you will need specialized sip telephony, which has a number of advantages over regular mobile or simple SIP registration:

  • Billing per second;
  • The cost is usually lower, there are more channels;
  • The stability and quality of communication is usually higher (the provider provides redundancy);
  • For such connections, the provider is usually tolerant of low call success rates and high CPS (calls per second).

Our system can work with different types of registrations (sip, trunk, gsm gateways and GoIP gateways). The most common is sip registration by login and password. To get a SIP registration – buy a sip number from one of the sip telephony providers, which are now quite large on the market and you can choose both a local and a federal provider with service packages and tariffs that suit you. If you are choosing a sip provider for the first time, then this article will help you get acquainted with the most popular providers on the market. If you need help (and you, suddenly, are not our client), then connect – we will be at your side.

the Russian Federation

Rostelecom is the largest provider of a wide range of digital services in the Russian Federation: telephony, Internet, TV, cloud solutions. A wide range of tariffs for different directions and for any business. Service provider 0800. MTT is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Russia providing SIP-telephony service. The company offers a wide range of SIP numbers, as well as a number of other business services in addition to sip telephony. There are special rates for a small client and a client with large needs. Service provider 0800. Zadarma is a cloud telephony service that provides VIP telephony services both in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, cloud PBX and, more recently, CPM. Offers different tariffs for internal and external calls. Mango or “Mango Telecom” is another major provider of telecommunications services, one of the leading providers of SaaS solutions and virtual PBXs. A large selection of specialized tariffs for small, medium and large businesses Beeline – offers competitive tariffs throughout the Russian Federation and abroad, multi-channel numbers. Able to work with dialer. Competent technical support. Service provider 0800. SipOut – they offer both sip numbers and city numbers with the codes of most cities and regions of the Russian Federation at moderate rates. SIPNET is one of the oldest participants in the communication services market, they work with both small and medium and large businesses. A large number of tariffs for any user, inexpensive city numbers and frequent promotions for the purchase of UISCOM sip numbers – they offer sip numbers in all regions, city numbers, PBX services, integration with popular CPM systems. Telfin – the company offers individual solutions for corporate communications: cloud telephony for business, including virtual PBX “Telfin.Office”, soft phone “Telfin.Softphone”, numbers in more than 58 cities of Russia and 33 countries of the world, as well as favorable tariffs for Internet telephony . There are standard tariffs with per-minute billing, there are also package solutions. TTK is another company that offers telephony services to corporate clients, individuals and business clients. Just like Rostelecom, they offer a wide range of digital services for all regions. Global Telecom – does not lag behind its competitors, there are popular packages to choose from and affordable tariffs for the corporate and private segment Megafon (Multifon) – offers packages with different tariffs by region.


Ukrtelecom is the country’s largest telecom operator and Internet provider, providing sip-format numbers at an affordable price. The operator can provide numbers in all regions of Ukraine. Service provider 0800. Intertelecom is also a major provider of mobile communications, Internet and telephony for businesses and individuals. There are several tariff plans to choose from, covering the basic needs of most users. Since recently, it has been possible to register sips on foreign servers. There are interesting packages of minutes for calls on the networks of mobile operators. Service provider 0800. Kyivstar is one of the major mobile operators offering mobile and fixed communication solutions for any business. Service provider 0800. LifeCell – offers multichannel sip-numbers with mobile operator code 093, Hide number service, direct and short numbers. Service provider 0800. DataGroup is a digital services operator, in addition to telephony (analogue, sip, trunk), it also provides Internet, television, and cloud solutions for business. The offered tariffs are suitable for most users. Service provider 0800. Binotel – they offer not only sip numbers, but also ready-made solutions for business, as well as PBX, CPM services. Vega – in addition to IP-telephony (sip-trunk) also provides Internet and TV services. There are several tariff plans to choose from at competitive prices. Service provider 0800.

What to look for when choosing a telephony provider

In addition to large providers, there are many small, regional ones, but as a rule, large players have better and more stable communication quality, and most have support, as well as complexes of related services for business (ATS, CPM, statistics and analytics in your personal account) also pay attention when choosing a telephony provider? First of all, this is for tariffs: take per-second billing – this is the most honest option. For example, rounding up to 30 seconds increases the duration by at least 20%, and even more for projects with a large proportion of short calls. Choose more than one supplier – it’s hard to stand on one leg. Oki-Toki will automatically send calls to the supplier with the lowest price first. Let your provider know that you will be using dialer. Oki-Toki can occupy 100 lines and still generate more than 100 rings per second – this may be unacceptable for some providers or prohibited by the terms of the contract. Disable international communication if you do not need it. This will remove the risk of losing money in case of incorrect settings or deliberate actions of employees. For incoming calls, set up forwarding on busy and on no answer to the reserve number of the call center. This may not work in the event of a CC failure, but this is the simplest way to monitor the operation of SIP telephony. This is probably almost everything you need to know when choosing and connecting SIP telephony providers to a call center.

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