Internal and Personal Phones of Agents

How to Assign Personal and Work Phone Numbers to an Oki-Toki User Simultaneously. Enabling and Disabling Calls to the Agent’s Personal Number.

Internal and Personal Phones of Agents

Every user within the virtual call-center Oki-Toki can be assigned multiple phone numbers, including business numbers (internal extensions of the virtual IP-PBX) and personal ones (mobile and home numbers). You can carry this out by clicking on the username under the ‘Users’ tab of the Sec module (assuming you have the necessary access rights to alter this information). In the opened user data tab, you could find the following phone number indications:

  • INT — numbers of mobile or landline phones owned by the company, that is, business phones;
  • EXT — personal mobile or landline numbers. These remain with the employees even when they leave the company. They can be changed only from the company where the user ‘lives’;
  • SIP&MFC — extension numbers of the mini-PBX, assigned to the user within the system;
  • VM — the employee’s voice mail.

Internal and personal employee phones

How to disable (enable) calls to a mobile phone


Sometimes, there is a need to disable calls to an agent’s personal number, so that incoming calls do not go to his mobile phone. To do this, enter the Sec call center user management module and click the menu item “Users”. A table of users registered in the system will appear. Locate the “Communication” column and click on “EXT” so that it turns gray.

How to disable (enable) calls on Oki-Toki mobile phone

Similarly, you can disable or enable other methods of communication with the user: calls to the agent station (OP), to internal mini-PBX numbers (SIP&FMC), voicemail (VM).


What will be displayed in the call center call report (ACD)


The main report of any call center – “Call Report” (in the ACD module) – will show us how exactly the user answered the call. Below are two examples, in which you can see the response to a call to an agent’s place (OP) and to an internal PBX number (SIP&MFC).

What will be displayed in the call center report (ACD) What will be displayed in the call center report (ACD)

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