Oki-Toki news digest for May 2020

Oki-Toki news for May 2020: improvements to mass operations, revision of the summary report and other service improvements. Read the digest!

Oki-Toki news digest for May 2020

Improvements to mass operations

A month ago, we disabled the old data import, offering our customers a new one. During May, we were finalizing the convenience and informativeness of the new interface. Uploading import results in one click, clear display of uploaded data, saving fields when copying settings, as well as a number of minor fixes and improvements. Digest

Improvement of the call history in the workplace

We have added new webhook capabilities by adding various disciplinary violations to trigger conditions. This will be useful for companies that are trying to control and manage Oki-Toki from their server to the maximum. Digest

Article New import of contacts in CRM

Step-by-step instructions on how to upload contacts to Oki-Toki CRM.

Improved SIP Gateway Search

Until recently, the search in the list of suppliers was performed only by the name of the supplier from this list. Now you can find the required supplier in the same search, knowing only the name or login of the gateway. This will be most useful for large call centers and outsourcing companies that use many vendors of the same type for different projects. Digest

Bulk adding users to groups

With a large number of operators in the call center, there is a need to somehow group them. We have implemented the division into groups for a very long time, but for this it was necessary to add each operator to the group separately. Now it can be done in bulk in the Groups section. Digest

Redesigned summary report on calls

Work was carried out to increase productivity and work with big data. Now, when uploading, the supervisor can cover a wider period, and the data upload speed should increase significantly.

Automatic preparation of transcripts

We continue to work on expanding the range of capabilities of the previously introduced Transcript function. Now it is possible to automatically generate transcripts by activating this function inside the dialer settings (for automatic calls) or in the queue (for incoming and manual outgoing calls). DigestAutomatic

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