Contact Center Incoming Call Statistics

Incoming call statistics – a feature that allows for the analysis of incoming calls received at the contact center’s numbers.

Contact Center Incoming Call Statistics

Inbound Call Statistics – a feature allowing analysis of incoming calls to the call center numbers.


This article pertains to the product “Cloud Software for Call Centers“.

Why is this needed?

In Oki-Toki, we have a specific tool for analyzing inbound calls. It presents the volume of calls for incoming calls and the share of successful calls. It can be used for identifying concerns with handling incoming calls as well as for verifying the cost of 0-800 with your agent, or as the simplest form of Call Tracking.

Features in OKI-TOKI

When generating statistics, you can choose the required period, call duration, group calls by day and month, and specify the appropriate time format.

For convenience, in Oki-Toki, we have added the ability to display statistics in the current window, or to export in Excel, HTML or Google Sheets format.

Incoming Statistics Filter

The final inbound call statistics take into account:

  • Total call duration (DUR);
  • Average call duration (ACD);
  • Percentage of successful calls (ASR), which varies in color depending on the success rate for clarity.

Appearance of incoming statistics

Appearance of incoming statistics


Even if the incoming statistics show 100% processed calls, it doesn’t mean that all calls made it to Oki-Toki. Some calls may “disappear” because there were not enough lines. The client will hear a “busy” signal or “no free channels”. To manage this situation, redirect (via mail or personal cabinet) to another number in case the current one is busy. Unexpected client calls to this number will signal a problem with the number of lines.

From the report, you can go to the call log to find the cause of the problems. Learn more about the call log here

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