Major updates 2022: service for contact centers

What updates has Oki-Toki rolled out this year? “Chats”, AI, robot-agent and other important tools in our service for contact centers.

Major updates 2022: service for contact centers

Oki-Toki is a service for contact centers, which has always been fanatic for updates and development of PBX automation products for calls. A few years ago, we began a good tradition of summing up the results of the year. As it turned out, this work can be useful not only to our clients, but also to us – only by collecting all the achievements in a bunch, it becomes possible to give yourself a final annual assessment 🙂

Work done by TP and developers

  • The Oki-Toki team processed 3474 requests to the ticket system this year.
  • Based on your submissions, 375 fixes and improvements have been made
  • In total, in 2022, the developers completed 1903 tasks to update and improve the system.

Major innovations

Starting a new call is even easier and faster!

We have removed the connection between dialer and the queue – now (finally!) these are two independent tools. Settings that are important for operators have been separately integrated into dialer from the queue (tab “Operator position”). The update was especially appreciated by companies with voice mail! See more on youtube .


Entrust business mail and instant messengers to your operators

We have developed an operator workplace for processing chats from company messengers.

  • Easy integration in a few steps;
  • The system of distribution of chats by responsible;
  • Link with Oki-Toki CRM;
  • Support for KPI and SL managers when working with client chats;
  • Broad API support.

Read more in a separate article on the blog , and here is a video presentation .


Entrust routine communication with clients to a robot

Based on speech synthesis and recognition technology, and thanks to the capabilities of AI, we have made a robot that:

  • Connects in 2 clicks in the call script;
  • Multilingual;
  • Supports multiple response options;
  • Peeps into the FAQ and asks again if he did not hear the answer.


Use the service for contact centers in a language that is comfortable for you

  • Added support for Turkish and Polish languages in the interface and on the blog;
  • Language support is now automated;
  • The list of languages will expand.

Trust our automation to “garbage collection” in the company

Added system for auto-archiving obsolete objects. If a user, queue or, for example, dialer of your company has not been used for a very long time, the administrator will be asked to add them to the archive, from which, if necessary, they can be restored. In the company settings, you can set the conditions for searching for obsolete items.


Follow us on Telegram: Oki-Toki, CC in a cloud 

This spring, Oki-Toki got its own telegram channels , where we:

  • we talk about all the important updates in the system;
  • we inform about the release of new articles on the site;
  • we warn about planned technical works and inform about emergency service failures.

Determination of the time zone (WORLD)

Determination of time zones by the digital prefix of a phone number now works for the whole world (previously only regions of the Russian Federation were determined). The subscriber's time zone is determined when importing into dialer or when making a manual call from the "operator's place". This option is usually used in conjunction with the “Client Schedule” setting, which restricts calls to the client during off-hours. 


Manage chimes at the operator's station

Now the operator can create an dialer task from the operator's station.

  • Added the ability to plan a call to dialer from the call history and for the “Task Management” function.
  • Added search by phone number in the call history of the operating place
  • Improved notification system when transferring a task through the “Task Management” function

To schedule a call from the history, you need to go to the call details, select “Schedule”, specify the date, time of the call and dialer where the task will be added. The user must have a role with the right to access the dialer list.


Evaluate the new duplicate CRM system

Checking for duplicate contacts in CPM no longer requires unique combinations of fields – now it is enough to define a contact field that our contact center service will consider unique, then go to settings and activate the check.

  • When importing contacts into CRM, your tooltip will display which field is currently used when checking for duplicates
  • You no longer need to specify unique fields for each import.
  • After activation, the verification will work constantly, and those contacts that do not pass the verification will be recorded in the import results.

Read more about importing contacts to CRM in a separate article on the blog .

Teaching material

Current library of articles and notes!

In the third quarter, we rewrote and updated 150+ materials on the Oki-Toki blog. Also, all pictures for articles and notes have been updated.

We also made a full translation of articles (including images) into Ukrainian, Polish and English. The list of supported languages of our contact center service will be updated.

New publications

This year we have written 25 new notes and articles. In most materials, we focused on the analysis of reports and KPI tools

YouTube video

Our video channel has been replenished with 22 videos and 16 Short's videos. From step-by-step instructions to presentations of new options. Choose your shorts playlist

Bright, but not major system updates

Improvements and improvements in incoming and outgoing line settings

  • Added loading of a recording (message or melody) for clients put on “Hold”;
  • Minor improvements to Queue options and tooltips
  • “Assessment of operators” has been improved and moved to the call script (“Operator” cube);
  • We redesigned the tool for receiving calls from the site – Webcall (an article on setting up the tool is scheduled for January 2023);
  • The “Blacklist” in the queue settings has gained new features and received its own section in the “Operator's position” tab.

KPIs and SLs

  • Scorecard tool for assessing the quality of customer service;
  • Separate “Reports” on KPI counters have been developed.



  • VIP queue in the Call log report;
  • Selecting the desired columns when exporting from the Call Log
  • New call record player in Call Log
  • The “Call filter” option has been moved to call reports;
  • Abandoned “A / B-Parties” in the call log in favor of the concepts of “Client / Member”
  • Search for calls with a hidden client number;


  • Reworked the interface login page for the omnichannel operator workplace;
  • Made an adapted calendar format for the language versions of the interface;
  • Hiding the client number from operators (premium option)
  • Now, when assigning a call to a chime, the operator can use convenient time templates.

The Oki-Toki team wishes you more artificial and automated in your work, and more lively and sincere in your life! Happy New Year!

Stas Luchkin

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