Oki-Toki News Digest for November-December 2019

Oki-Toki news for November-December 2019: new webhook features, outgoing webhook billing, priority queue. Read more in the digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for November-December 2019

CRM webhooks

For the new interface, the work of events with CRM questionnaires has been added. Now you can use all the functionality of events using a question or answer from CRM as a trigger condition.

Webhooks for Disciplinary Violations

We have added new webhook capabilities by adding various disciplinary violations to the trigger conditions. This will be useful for companies that are trying to control and manage Oki-Toki from their server to the maximum.

Billing for outgoing webhooks

Until today, we only charged incoming API calls (for example, adding a task to dialer from your server), today we have included charging for outgoing webhooks, i.e. those that call external resources in Events or CRM push bots. Usually there are few such calls and their use is of practical value, but if you have unexpectedly many of them, then this is a good reason to optimize their use.

VIP announcement and additional features

The system has long had a premium option – a priority queue. If an incoming call enters the queue for which this option is active and there are no free operators, the system can pick up for this client an operator who is already in a conversation on a non-priority queue, warning in advance by playing an audio recording tied up for this case. In a recent update, we added the ability to play a separate recording for a client who is about to take away their operator.

Hotkeys (hot keys) in the operating place

Implemented call management in the operator's place using hot keys (Hotkeys). Actions available:

  • When a call comes in: accept the call (Space\Enter key); reject the call (ESC key).
  • During a call: transfer\unhold (H key), mute\unmute the microphone (M key), end the call (ESC key);
  • Status management: transfer to Ready (R key); translate to Away (key A).

All actions are triggered when the operator position tab is active.

Block of articles-manuals

1. How to choose SIP telephony 2. Interactive voice menu or IVR 3. How to make friends with Google sheets and call center reporting

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