How to make an email template for a sales script in a contact center

Sales script email template – a tool for automated sending of emails from a conversation script, by event or using the API.

How to make an email template for a sales script in a contact center

Sales Script Email Template is a webhook`s based tool designed to send standardized emails. Can be applied at different stages of the conversation. Sending occurs automatically when the operator answers the question in the customer’s questionnaire.

This article refers to the product ” Cloud software for call centers “.

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Where to apply this tool?

Sales script email template is applied in “Dialogue Script”, response settings. In the menu that appears, select a letter template and recipient(s) (the contact field that will store the recipient’s email). You can set up multiple alert templates for a single response.

Applying Alert template

Important! If you specify several recipients, the letter will be sent to each of them separately, and not by mass mailing.

Selecting multiple addres in alert templateses

Where to begin?

First you need to create an alert template, you can do it here :

  • Be sure to specify the name, sender’s e-mail, sender’s name and subject of the letter;
    • Note! Oki-Toki SMTP server will be used to send emails);

If you need to attach files, you must first upload the file to Oki-Toki and then select the required document from the list

Example of selecting a file in alert template

  • Generate a letter template that will be sent to the recipient;

An example of the formation of a letter in alert template

  • Use the following field format:
    • content of text fields – {{q1a1.t}};
    • question text – {{q1}};
    • question and answer text {{q1a1}}.
  • For convenient introduction of variables into the template, use the smart tag functionality below. Using tags, you can add information about the results of a call (or other information from the system) to the template with one click to form a letter.


It is worth mentioning separately sending SMS using notification. To start using a template for sending SMS, you need to:

  • In the “Sender’s name” field specify the login of the used SMS provider;
  • Write text to send (you can use smart tags);
  • In the notification settings, in the “Address” field, use the recipient type “SMS:..”

Usage example smart-tag SMS

If you have any questions about the “Alert Template” or about the operation of the service, create a ticket and the technical staff. Support will help you find an answer or a solution to your problem.

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