How to Create an Email Template for a Sales Script in a Contact Center

An email template for sales scripts – a tool for automated sending of emails from a conversation script, by event, or by the assistance of an API.

How to Create an Email Template for a Sales Script in a Contact Center

Email template for sales script – a tool based on webhook’s, designed for sending standardized emails. It can be used at different stages of the conversation. The sending occurs automatically, while the agent responds to a question in the client’s form.

This article refers to the product “Cloud-based call center software.”

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h3>Where to apply this tool?/h3>
The email template for sales script is used in the “Dialogue Scripts”, response setting. In the newly appeared menu, choose the email template and the recipient(s) (that contact field, which will store the recipient’s mail). You can set up the sending of several template notifications for one answer.

Choose the response option for the notification to trigger

Important! If you specify multiple recipients, each of them will receive the letter separately, not by mass mailing.

You need to specify a template or specific recipient
h3>Where to start?/h3>
Firstly, you need to create a notification template which can be done here:

  • Make sure to include the title, sender’s e-mail, sender’s name, and subject of the email;
    • Take note! The Oki-Toki SMTP server will be used for sending emails;

If you need to attach files, you must first upload the file to Oki-Toki and then select the necessary document from the listNotification template: attachment selection

  • Formulate the email template to be sent to the recipient;

Notification template: text example

  • Use the following format for fields:
    • the contents of text fields – {{q1a1.t}};
    • question text – {{q1}};
    • text of the question and answer {{q1a1}}.
  • For convenient variable input into the template, use the smart tag functionality located below. You can add call result info (or other system-based info) to the templates in just a click, thanks to these tags.

It is worth mentioning separately about sending SMS using the notification feature. To start using the template for sending SMS, you need to:

  • In the “Sender’s Name” field, specify the login of the SMS-SIP provider in use;
  • Write the text for sending (you can use smart-tags);
  • In the notification settings, in the “Recipient” field, use the recipient type “SMS:..”



If you have any questions about the “Notification Template” or about the service, create a ticket and the tech support will help you find an answer or solution to the problem.

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