Multilingual Transcript: Speech Analytics and Conversation Evaluation in a Call Center

How to Enhance the Quality of Agents’ Conversations Using Transcripts and Evaluate Their Dialogues: Speech Analytics for Identifying Problematic Calls.

Multilingual Transcript: Speech Analytics and Conversation Evaluation in a Call Center

How can you effectively analyze conversations in call centers? In this article, we’ll cover transcripts and speech analytics that play a key role in evaluating dialogue and improving the quality of service.

Oki-Toki Transcript: Improving the Quality of Conversations

Transcript is an important tool in call centers, allowing you to convert the recorded conversations into text format. It is a key factor for using speech analytics and optimizing the time of supervisors or OCC.

Transcript makes it much easier to get to know the content of conversations, avoiding the need to listen to the entire audio recording. A transcript makes it possible to quickly read the dialogue, reducing the time that was previously required to analyze the recordings of conversations.

One of the great advantages of Oki-Toki’s handy transcription features is the “karaoke” mode. This mode allows you to match the text of the audio recording and highlight it while listening. This approach makes the analysis of conversations more convenient, helping supervisors to quickly discover important points and main details of communication.

Oki-Toki also offers the option to export the transcript to an html file and store it on Google Drive or your work computer. This will provide convenient access to operator dialogues, and will also allow you to share them with other team members or third-party experts for further analysis.

In summary, the Oki-Toki transcript is an indispensable tool for call centers to improve the quality and efficiency of conversations. It gives agents and supervisors a complete overview of conversations, saving them the effort of analyzing customer experience. Thanks to its accessibility and ease of use, the Oki-Toki transcript becomes an indispensable assistant in improving the efficiency of work in call centers.

Single-sided Transcript: Overview and Usability

One-sided transcript focuses on recording only one side of the conversation, helping to evaluate the work of operators.

Thanks to the one-way transcript, supervisors or OCCs can quickly review the conversations of agents, focusing only on their speech.

A one-sided transcript is provided free of charge and is available for all calls to Oki-Toki. Each conversation will be automatically processed and transcribed using Google recognition built into the Chrome browser. The transcript is displayed in the Call Log report , providing easy access to text versions of conversations.

"Single-sided" стенограмма
One-sided transcript in Oki-Toki

The use of one-sided transcript in Oki-Toki gives supervisors the ability to more accurately analyze the speech of operators. Its convenience makes the one-sided transcript an indispensable tool for enhancing the professionalism of call center employees.

Two-sided transcript: we record for the client and the operator

Two-way Transcript is a premium tool that allows you to record and translate into text both sides of a conversation: the operator and the customer. It provides a complete picture of the conversation for quality of service analysis.

Two-sided transcript is a paid service, but the cost is justified by its value and business benefits. Access to a two-way transcript will allow supervisors to analyze the interaction of the agent with the client in more detail and take measures to improve the quality of the call center.

Two-way transcript in Oki-Toki was previously only available for dialogue in Russian. However, taking into account the needs of customers, Oki-Toki expanded the capabilities and added Ukrainian language recognition.

Upon request, we can add support for Polish, Turkish, Kazakh and English languages.

"Transcript" на украинском языке
Transcript in Ukrainian

To connect new languages, Oki-Toki customers can contact technical support using the ticket system.

Speech analytics: Traps for finding problematic calls by transcript

A transcript is a valuable tool not only for converting a conversation into text, but also for use in speech analytics. Speech Analytics in Oki-Toki automatically adds tags to transcripts that attract the attention of supervisors or the quality control department, which greatly simplifies the process of analyzing conversations for each agent.

With the help of speech analytics, you can track various indicators of the work of agents:

  • Interruption of the client. Speech analytics in the transcript allows you to detect cases when the operator interrupts the conversation with the client. This may indicate undesirable behavior or carelessness of the employee.
  • Pauses in dialogue. With the help of speech analytics, it is possible to identify moments when the operator makes long pauses during a conversation, which indicates his uncertainty or uncertainty.
  • The use of parasitic words. In Oki-Toki, you can create speech analytics rules by specifying words that the operator should not speak. For example, do not use the following expressions during a conversation: “like”, “I don’t know”, “shorter”, thereby making the employee’s speech more professional.
"Transcript" речевая аналитика
The operator paused and interrupted the client
  • Pronunciation of obscene (obscene) words. Speech analytics can automatically detect the use of inappropriate language in a conversation. This allows you to quickly respond and take action to maintain a professional customer service.
  • The use of keywords. If, according to the script, the operator must pronounce special words, for example, “promotion”, “profitable” or “free”, you can enter them into the speech analytics rule. These words will be highlighted in the transcript, a hashtag with the speech analytics rule will appear in the call, and a note if the operator forgot to say the necessary words.
"Transcript" речевая аналитика
The operator used obscene words and “forgot about the action”
  • Correspondence of the questionnaire with the transcript of the conversation. Speech analytics helps to match the data specified in the client questionnaire with the content of the transcript of the conversation. This will check the accuracy of the information and identify any discrepancies or errors.

That is, the speech analytics tool adds notes to the transcript that help supervisors or OCC to pay attention to customer interruptions, pauses, or use of inappropriate language by the operator. Through the use of transcripts and speech analytics, you can identify strengths and weaknesses in customer service, improve call center efficiency, and improve the quality of service.

There is a separate blog post about speech analytics in a call center .

Transcript to evaluate dialogues and improve service quality

Dialogue evaluation is one of the key functions of Okie-Toki’s quality control service. With the help of evaluation sheets, you can evaluate the call according to criteria related to the quality of the dialogue between the operator and the client. For example, the intelligibility of the statements of the operator, politeness in communication, as well as the ability to solve customer problems effectively and professionally.

Evaluation of dialogues helps to identify problematic moments in communication between operators and customers, evaluate their professionalism and give recommendations for improving the quality of service.

Having a transcript in the Dialogue Scoring tool has many benefits:

  • From the transcript, supervisors or OCCs can quickly read the conversation without wasting time listening.
  • With the help of a transcript, you can evaluate the professionalism of the operator, the accuracy of the information provided, the effectiveness of communication and compliance with the script of the dialogue.
"Grade" диалогов оператора
Transcript in the evaluation of the dialogues of the operators
  • The transcript allows you to identify errors in the work of operators, as well as develop measures to improve the quality of service.
  • The transcript saves the dialogue with the client, which can be used to train new operators or in case of disputable situations.

A transcript is a useful tool for analyzing conversations and evaluating conversations in call centers. With transcripts, you can quickly read and analyze dialogues, saving time and resources. Speech analytics can help you uncover valuable data from conversations so you can make informed decisions. Evaluation of dialogues will allow you to control the quality of customer service of the call center. Seize the opportunity, use Oki-Toki to improve your work efficiency and achieve impressive results!

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