Oki-Toki news digest for April 2019

Oki-Toki news for April 2019: import optimization, address book in the new workspace, black list for outgoing calls, integration with AMOCRM.

Oki-Toki news digest for April 2019

Import optimization

We hasten to brag about the good news: we have performed a deep optimization of the data and were able to speed up the import speed by several times! Optimization touched Mass operations in CRM and Import data in the new interface. The last test gave the following result: 422 contacts loaded in 73 seconds; Average contact loading speed – 0.175 sec; The speed of adding a task to the dialer – 0.142 sec. This is very good for adding with control over the uniqueness of numbers in a task and contacts in CRM, creating a contact in CRM and creating a business process.

Time zone priority in dialer

Added a new prioritization in dialer Region. Now the Far Eastern regions will be able to call in the first place. Priority

Address book in the new office

The Address book widget was moved to a new operator place and tools for interacting with it in the personal account. Now the operator can always have at hand a list of contacts necessary for work, whether it be a customer, manager, consultant or partner.

Sticky callback

We have developed the Sticky Callback option! It can be used both when adding a task to a callback from CRM, and when processing lost incoming calls. You can assign a contact to a specific user, or you can assign it to the current user processing a client card in CRM. Read more in this post.

Option: Blacklists for outgoing calls

A year ago, we already introduced our clients to the possibilities of “Lists” in this article. Now we have expanded the possibilities of using the black list by introducing it for manual outgoing calls. You can connect the black list to the queue in the Operator’s position tab. Black

Integration with AMOCRM

Here it is the first step towards integration with AMO CPM! We have implemented one of the most common case calls – creating a deal and contact in AMO CPM using a webhook. For example, there is a base, you need to call it and, based on the client’s answers, the robot will create a deal in an external CRM. Enjoy!

New article Oki-Toki balance replenishment

Step-by-step instructions on how to replenish the balance of the Oki-Toki cloud service.

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