News digest Oki-Toki for June 2019

In June, we prepared several instruction notes for users, revised the calculation of the cost of voice recognition, and replaced our first server. Read more in the digest!

News digest Oki-Toki for June 2019

Changes in billing Voice recognition

We reviewed recognition rates and came to the conclusion that it is difficult for customers to calculate future costs, and sometimes it is not profitable for those who have small volumes. Therefore, we have simplified the cost calculation system for this service.

  • Up to 50 recognitions per day – free
  • From 50 and above – for each recognition 0.01 eurocent.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for expanding the functionality of Voice Recognition? – please contact us in the chat or ticket system!

8 features of Oki-Toki reports

Often, only a small part of the capabilities of Oki-Toki reports is used. Read our new note to make reports take less time and still be informative.

How are call recording files stored?

To store conversation records, you can use both the Oki-Toki storage and third-party services – Google, Yandex & Dropbox. You can read more in this note .

Unique call numbers

Often, large companies using our product duplicate information about calls from oki-toki to their server, but periodically they encounter a problem when several calls with a six-month difference have the same Session ID (SID). This is due to the fact that from time to time we reset the ID counter and each server kept its own SID count. We fixed this inconvenience by introducing unique call numbers. At the moment, the innovation is undergoing final testing and soon a unique call count will be maintained for all companies!

Replacing de1 server

A month ago, we started testing a new, beautiful and powerful server based on the i-9900k processor, which eventually replaced our first and rather outdated server in Germany. Its power is more than enough for any load from the clients on it!

SMS message routing

Large outsourcing companies often use telephony and SMS providers from the customer, but until now we did not have the ability to route SMS. Routing is now available thanks to alert templates in ACD! More details in the note .

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