Speech recognition: billing of the voice robot

The Speech Recognition function frees operators from projects with the same type of customer survey. Find out about fares in Oki-Toki

Speech recognition: billing of the voice robot

Speech recognition is the progressive functionality of Oki-Toki when making calls and dialogues without the participation of operators. Oki-Toki can recognize both button presses and recognize the voice of the client, or combine keystroke and voice recognition. How to set up speech recognition in IVR is described in detail here. A report on the result of the work of the voice robot can be obtained in the “Report on IVR” . Also, selecting the ” Add recognized text” item in the report filters will allow you to see the recognized text.

Add recognized text

Oki-Toki provides two options for client speech recognition: using OKI-TOKI and GOOGLE. Both recognitions have a number of features in work and payment.

Opportunities and features of OKI-TOKI

  • At the moment the system recognizes Russian, Ukrainian, English and Kazakh languages;
  • Important! Digit recognition from (0 to 9) is free of charge;
  • Important! Recognition of voice responses (Yes / No) is not charged;
  • One fragment of recognition from Oki-Toki is equal to the length of 1 sec. up to 15 sec.
  • Important! Recognition duration less than 2 sec. not charged. Provided that no voice fragments were recognized in it;
  • Oki-Toki recognition is used in transcripts (premium service) and Speech Analytics.

Opportunities and features of GOOGLE

  • One recognition fragment from Google is equal to the length of 1 sec. up to 15 sec;
  • An unsuccessful conversation with the robot is charged and the fee is charged, even if the voice fragments were not recognized in it.

Fragment billing data

All other recognized fragments are charged according to the following principle:

  • up to 50 fragments per day for free
  • from 51 to 500 fragments – 5 €
  • from 501 fragments to 1000 – 9 €
  • from 1001 fragments to 2000 – 16 €
  • from 2001 fragments to 4000 – 28 €
  • over 4000 fragments for 0.006 €

PS The full list of paid services of the service can always be viewed in the “Manage services” section , the widget “ Service cost per day” 

Fragment billing data

 If you have any questions about the billing of the voice robot or the operation of the service, create a ticket and the technical staff. support will help you find a solution.

Maxim Khristenko

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