Speech Recognition: Pricing for Voice Robot

The ‘Speech Recognition’ feature liberates agents from projects with monotonous customer surveys. Discover the rates in Oki-Toki

Speech Recognition: Pricing for Voice Robot

Speech recognition is a progressive functionality of Oki-Toki when making calls and dialogs without the participation of agents. Oki-Toki can recognize both button presses and voice of the customer or combine the recognition of presses and voice. How to configure speech recognition in IVR is detailed here. You can obtain a report on the result of the voice robot’s work in “IVR Report”. Moreover, choosing the “Add recognized text” point in the report filters will allow you to see the recognized text. 

IVR Report. Enabling speech recognition info

Oki-Toki offers two variants of customer speech recognition: using OKI-TOKI and GOOGLE. Both recognitions have a number of peculiarities in operation and payment. 

Capabilities and peculiarities of OKI-TOKI

  • Currently, the system recognizes Russian, Ukrainian, English, and Kazakh languages;
  • Important! Recognition of numbers from (0 to 9) is not tariffed;
  • Important! Voice response recognition (Yes / No) is not tariffed;
  • A single recognition fragment from Oki-Toki equals a length from 1 sec. up to 15 sec.
  • Important! Recognition of duration less than 2 sec. is not tariffed, provided there were no recognized voice fragments in it;
  • Oki-Toki recognition is used in transcripts (premium service) and “Speech Analytics”.

Capabilities and characteristics of GOOGLE

  • A single recognition fragment from Google equals length from 1 sec. to 15 sec;
  • Failure in conversation with the robot is tariffed and charged even if no voice fragments were recognized in it.

Information about the tariff for fragments

All other recognized fragments are tariffed under the following principle:

  • up to 50 fragments per day for free
  • from 51 to 500 fragments – 5 €
  • from 501 fragments to 1000 – 9 €
  • from 1001 fragments to 2000 – 16 €
  • from 2001 fragments to 4000 – 28 €
  • over 4000 fragments at 0.006 €

P.S. The full list of paid services can always be viewed in the “Service Management” section, the “Cost of services per day” widget.

Speech recognition: billing

 If you have any questions about the tariff of the voice robot or the operation of the service, create a ticket and the technical support staff will help find a solution to the problem.

Maxim Khristenko

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