Call Report: ‘Task List’

Where can I find a detailed report on the call making process? Information about clients, task statuses, and attempted calls.

Call Report: ‘Task List’

The task list of dialer is a report for analysis of processed and pending dealer tasks in the call center. It’s created to answer questions like, ‘How did this task appear,’ ‘How many calls have been made in relation to it,’ ‘When was it planned and processed,’ ‘What status does it have,’ and so on. This article relates to the products: ‘Smart reports’, ‘Dialer’.

Features in OKI-TOKI

The initial view of the page consists of a basic list of filter fields. After clicking the ‘Show all fields’ button, extra settings will be displayed.

Basic settings

  • Specify the search period based on the date of addition to the auto-dial or the planned time of the call.
  • Filter by the required auto-dial (the number might be in different auto-dials), task status, or a specific phone number (you can specify several divided by a comma and a space).
  • Oki-Toki allows you to display the search results in any suitable format – display the report inside the interface and also export it in Excel, HTML, or Google Sheets format.

Call report 'Task List'

Additional settings

  • Specify the task processing period (by call timing) using the “Processing Date” parameter;
  • Attach to the report a contact (contact information obtained from CRM) or append data (additional information that was added to the task during import or via API);
  • Filter by responsible agent (choose the agent attached to the call, ie. “stickiness”);
  • Choose the source of task addition: IP ATC, API, Agent or Import;
  • Indicate the result of the latest attempt;
  • Search by task or import number (you can search for multiple values ​​by specifying them separated by a comma).

Additional task list filtersAfter filling in the necessary fields, a report is generated showing tasks, phones, time zone, task creation method and their current status. For each task in the list, you can open detailed information with the planned and actual task time, the number of attempts and the result of the call, as well as go to the call log.attempt details in task list

Task Creation Information

This column records the date, author, and method of task creation.

There are 4 methods:

  • API – task upload via API request;
  • CRM Form – agent sends a callback number during a call with a client;
  • Bulk Import – manual task import into dialer through ‘Bulk Operations’;
  • Callback – handling of a lost incoming call (dialing mode ‘Callback mode’).

Information on the current task status

The last column of the report indicates the task status, highlighted in red, yellow, or blue depending on the current state. Such a ‘traffic light’ visually differentiates tasks by their result and simplifies the search for the needed one.

External appearance of the Task List report

  • In Queue – the task is in the queue and is waiting for processing by dialer;
  • Success – the task has been successfully processed by dialer;
  • Failure – the task has been processed, but the result was unsuccessful. For example: “line busy”, “no answer”, “number not found”, etc;
  • Outdated – the task was not processed within the allotted time;
  • Task Cancellation – the task has been canceled. The call based on which and by which agent the task was canceled will be indicated in the right column.


  • If a compact dialing report is needed, you can use scripts, which allow automatic sending of data summaries from the work of dialer to mail. For example:
    • number of tasks processed in a month;
    • percentage of successful calls on the first try;
    • the most common reason for a failed attempt;
    • number of calls missed by agents;
    • number of dropped calls due to the absence of an agent on the line, etc. Read more about scripts here.
      smart dialer task report


  • For a cumulative output of data with a percentage ratio (by the number of tasks and statuses), use the Summary report on the call, which displays the number of tasks with a certain status (“Cancellation”, “Outdated”, “Success”, “Failure”, “In queue”) for a period and groups them by dialing attempts or import numbers;
  • To create and delete tasks, you can use filters in the dialer. In our short YouTube video, you will learn how to filter tasks within the dialerback.
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