Security: Call Center Projects”

How to Divide Call Center Projects: An Article for Supervisors and Contact Center Managers

Security: Call Center Projects”

The “Projects” tool belongs to the advanced type of security, a perfect fit for outsourcing companies, where contact center projects will be independent from each other and hidden from prying or irrelevant eyes. This tool allows limiting a certain user (users), hiding from them queues, auto dialers and other sections they shouldn’t see.

The article refers to the product “Cloud Contact Center” 

Enable “Enhanced Security”

To set up contact center projects, switch from the simplified version of security to enhanced. For this, go to the “Company” menu, select Section “Settings” and change the security type to “Enhanced”. This operation is reversible, as a result of it your first “Default” project will be created automatically.

Contact center projects: security mode

Creating a new project

  • To create a project for the call center, go to the “Roles and Projects” menu, the “Projects” section; 
  • After giving the project a name and description, it should be saved by clicking “Create”.

Call center projects: creating a project

Project setup for the task

In the created project, it is necessary to add users or groups – that is, those who should have access to the project. As well as choosing queues, schedule, SIP provider, call script, auto dialers, lists, notification templates, dialogue scripts, and contact fields. That is, assemble our project and everything related to it.

Call center projects: creating objects


  • When switching the security type to Enhanced, a “Default” project is automatically created in projects, containing all the queues and all existing company users. If you are creating a new project for an already existing agent, it will need to be excluded from the “Default” project;
  • After creating a project, for the changes to take effect, the user assigned to the projects just needs to refresh the page;
  • There is a separate article about creating a user group, which can be assigned to a project.
  • There is also a blog post about roles in the call center, influencing the abilities and access of users to project components.


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